Dark Sun Sandbox

Into the Light (and out again)!

Session 2015-02-21

Alex missing, Cor was played by Davide

…The group proceed towards the bluish-light, they notices that the ground goes from being shadow-substance to real dirt, they are definitively in some sort of garden. There are rows of remaining of plants and after a bit, they meet again with the stream that follows the path towards the light.

The garden is sort-of circular, with various paths converging towards the center where a large, round constructions stands. The building is some sort of a tower, with a ground floor made of grey stone, and the upper floor made of a glass-like translucent substance, the bluish light shine through the wall but is not clear what does create it.

The river that flows on the side of the path is pitch black and the substance that creates it is extremely dense but it seems to flow faster. Whatever it is, it seems that it generates inside the tower. There are traces of defiling that follows the row of greenery, precisely channeled in rows.
Rochus looks at the sky, and he can see that there is some sort of black “thing” hanging on the sky, that stirs and twirls, and there are “tentacles” or tendrils of sort that are now coming down.. they don’t seem to be moving very fast but the ‘thing’ is a as big as eye can see…

The group quickly reaches the building and notices that the doors are made of the same gray stone, they force them open and are inside a large round room, there are 7 doors in the room, each one of them probably connect with a similar path, and by each door there is a flight of stairs that leads upstairs. The ceiling is curved and then drops down in some sort of a funnel towards the center of the room where there is a large basin, with a pedestal of some sort, at the top of the pedestal a glass or crystal sphere, the core of the sphere is pitch black, from the funnel a flow of water falls on the sphere, where it touches, the water gurgles and is turned into a pitch-black-gooeish substance that flows down into the basin and then into 7 channels carved into the floor and then towards the walls (and probably outside).
..Is that the ‘sphere of darkness’ which the Braxat refers to ?

Therai theorizes that there has been a very special and powerful defiling that was channeled and controlled in a very careful way to create all that. There are also some writing on the walls, after some reading, they reach the conclusion that the whole story of Amanu defile-bombing the city is a fabrication, it seems that Yaramuk had a “shadow version” of itself that was, somehow, transported into Athas while Yaramuk self was transported in the ‘shadow-world’, and they are now standing in the center of the shadow version. Whatever swapped the two cities made a big mess and destroyed a lot of people in the process. The focus for the shadow-world is that sphere in the center.
Another thing that is stated in the writing, is that Shadow-Yaramuk had a powerful “guardian”, and that is also being transported in the ‘real world’. Rochus immediately thinks about the tendrils coming down from the sky…

After a bit of conjecturing, they decide that the best thing to do is to try to shut off the water flowing on the sphere, somehow, so they move upstairs. There is light, but is a cold light, not warm, the walls are made of a transparent material that is as hard as stone at the touch. There are pots and rows of dirt were plants were probably grown, the place looks a lot like a greenhouse. The center of the room is completely occupied by a large but shallow basin, filled with clear water, the basin is surrounded by 7 pillars made of black obsidian (or similar material), at the top of each pillar a sphere is the focus of defiling forces that runs along the rows of dirt towards the center of the water basin, where they meet, a large blob of water that burbles and boils, then it sprout some sort of humanoid form and they realize that it is a huge water elemental, kept in check by the defiling forces in the middle of the basin and it sounds also a lot pissed.

There is a bit of indecision about what to do, it seems that the elemental create the water fall, by acting as an elemental gates, however, is not clear if the elemental was bound in the room by the same forces that created the defiling or not, and is unclear if the elemental can be destroyed at all while is in there… Anyhow, he is not happy and starts attacking the party, so a battle ensue, complicated by the fact that the elemental can ‘sprout’ small elementals that causes distractions.
After a while the elemental is disrupted, even if Therai warns everybody that it is not destroyed, only temporarily incapacitated, they checks the obsidian pillars but can’t find any flaws in the material, so is unclear if they can or not destroy them, and the water begins to stir again.. so as a temporary solution they decide to toss dirt into the pool and temporarily clog the drain, to stop the flow of water. Quickly they return downstairs, Therai tosses an heavy canvas over the sphere and with some help they grab the sphere before the water begins to flow again.

The group moves outside, where they notices that the black tendrils from the sky are now a lot closer, and there is confusion about which way is “out”. After a bit Hardok realizes that every path has a small stream of black water flowing on the side, but it is clear by the status of the paths which one is the south one. However, it seems by the traces that they came from the West and not the south.

They must have been turned around in the black building.

Anyhow, they decide to proceed south in a bee-line towards the outer (and normal) world. But immediately they run into a black building and a cul-de-sac, where they are confronted by the black guardian, in the form of several tendrils sprouting from the walls and a large “mouth-like” thing with tendrils that looks like a meat grinder.
The creature (if it is a ‘creature’) is extremely tough, but they manage to repel it for a while and continue in their adventurous escape…

Milestone! 1 Action Point!



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