Dark Sun Sandbox

A Light in the Darkness

Session 2015-02-07

Twan absent – Varnag was played by Davide

…we’d left our heroes venturing further into the darkness in the inner Yaramuk Citadel, pursued by a group of shadow copies of Urquite soldiers.

The group tries to move as fast as possible without stumbling into another problem, however they notice something: if they linger too much into observing or studying the strange ‘shadow’ environment, the shadow gets to them and they begin to feel the cold a lot more…

Stumbling around, they manage to reach a larger area, with a stone floor, and they have the strong sensation that they are now on an open area, like a courtyard or such.
Hardok manage to figure out which side of the courtyard used to be exposed to the sun by the status of the stone, so they can orient themselves and continue towards North and the center of the citadel.

They enter another corridor and found themselves into a large room, with workbenches covered with alchemicals tools and equipments and a number of large “vats”. The room is a patch of real things and shadow-copies, and one of the vat contains a blob of shadow matter, it seems the room was used to “make” things.

An examination of the tools from Varnag makes him remember an old legend: Yaramuk Queen had devised a way to “copy” living creatures, making multiple copies of them to be used for various pourposes. And it seems the legend wasn’t fake: it seems this is where the copies were made. And it seems that the shadow form in the vat were supposed to be a Tembo, so maybe this is where the Tembo were created.

Therai is torned between his urge of moving forward and the will of studying the tools, but he ends up remembering what happened with the metal boxes in UnderTyr and decide to move forward.

The group proceed in the same direction, they descend a staircase and are in a large room with the remaining of cages or something similar, one side of the room is partially occupated by what were tables or other stuff that are now either destroyed or turned into blob of shadow-substance.

The remaining of the cages contains bones or what was bones, a cursory glance made them think that the remaining in the cages were of tembos. Real Tembos, not shadow copies. Maybe an holding room for the creatures made in the previous room?

The group decide to proceed, however, after a bit, they found themselves in the very same room, only they enters from the same door they just exit (!)

Something wrong.. it seems that the space around them is “twisted” in a strange way, and they also notices that the remaining of the tembo are now moving.. and in a bit, they found themselves confronting 3 tembos: one adult and 2 cubs.

A battle ensues, but the group manage to destroy the shadow-copies of the Tembos, it seems those copies were not very well made, or maybe the ages have damaged them. Just when the group was going to get out again, another group of copies of themselves enters by the door!

Cor decides that the best option is to run away and exit the door, but the others can’t follow (or decide not to do so) so another battle begins. This time the drill is known (and Cor after a bit realizes that nobody is following him so he gets back into the fight), so the shadow group is also defeated (note: this is a milestone, everybody gets a free action point).

They manage finally to figure a way out of the place and they found themselves in the open, the ground is now dirt and real stone, and after a bit they found a cobblestone path that lead along the river. It seems the darkness is less… dark. The torches are shining better, there are traces of vegetation (or where vegetations has been in the past) and they can see a faint bluish gloom in the distance… Is it the ‘inner garden’ maybe?

Black Token Status: Cor 6, Varnag 3, Hardok 4, Therai 3, Friend 1, Rochus 5




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