Dark Sun Sandbox

The Sand of Despair

session 2014-07-19

The caravan awakes in the “conquered” Oasis, a bit more rested after the night, they quickly pack their stuff and takes the trail towards the North, around mid-afternoon, they spot a group (about 16) of travelers coming from the north, they appears to be a mixed group of humans, elvens and an half-giant, towering above the group.

Fathalia seems to recognize the half-giant as one of the raiders from Freedom, so Therai and Rochus moves forward to meet the group. They seems a bit in disarray, all of them seems very nervous, Therai starts some chit-chat with them, the ‘leader’ of the group seems to be the half-giant Gur but there is some murmuring that makes Rochus and Therai think that not everybody agrees with that.

Anyhow, it seems the group was camping along the Bandit’s Ridge when they were attacked by some sort of creature, so fast that it was almost invisible, and it killed the actual group leader leaving the entire group in disarray. The creature then “vanished” in the shadow like it was a shadow itself. They are now supposed to go the oasis where they are supposed to meet with Porgo.

Therai pass along the information about the ‘demon’ in Freedom and the demise of Porgo, this doesn’t makes anybody happy. The raiders begins to be quite distressed and it seems they start to think about the various options, like also attacking the caravan. The group attempt to discuss the things with firmness and with a little show of strength and intimidation and they manage to convince the raiders to continue towards the Oasis.

Avoided direct confrontation, the group discuss the events, there is a strong suspicion that the creature the raiders saw was a Tembo. The group already has some experiences with Tembos after the encounter with the two youth in the Jade Forest, they fill in Rochus about the events and the dangerous creature.

In any event, the caravan proceed along the Bandit’s Ridge. At night fall they decide to camp more or less in the same spot where probably the group of Raiders stopped. Therai decides to set up double guards, and for each shift, somebody with low-light vision with somebody with normal vision, to avoid surprises.

During the night, nothings happens.

In the morning, the group wakes up a bit more rested (but still not 100% recovered), and they immediately notices a bunch of strange creatures scurrying around, they looks like small reptiles with white and red feathers, Rochus recognizes them as Tsaagan, they are swarm predators, not very strong, but fast and ferocious when they are in a pack, the swarm their prey and takes bites out of it, then retreat and try again until they are satisfied or the prey die. Or both.

The group moves a bit away from the caravan, leaving Fathalia and the guards to control and attempt to “scare” the Tsaagans away, but it doesn’t work very well, so they have to fight a few of them. Luckily, the critters are not so tought and after a quick fight, most of them are dead and the rest are repelled for the moment. The group mounts the Crodlus and leaves towards the North.

After another day of travel, the groups stops at another well-known (and used) camp spot, during the night, some of the group aren’t sleeping and are moving around, Hardok is going to get something to drink when some sort of dark shadow crosses the camp at speed and attacks the sleeping Therai! Hardok immediately yell to alert everybody and attack in retaliation, it’s the Tembo, that immediately disappear in the shadow.

A difficult battle begins between the group and the Tembo that is actively trying to kill Therai (evidently he decided that Therai is the most important of the group). Cor, with keen observation manages to spot the Tembo 3 times, even when the Tembo is basically invisible, but when it is in that form, the attack are weakened. The result is that Therai hits the ground 3 times, however, the Tembo also gets some damage. After the third time that he hits Therai, the Tembo decides that that is enough and disappear in the shadow.

The rest of the night passes without other incidents.

The next day, the group decides to move a bit on the east side following more or less the Ridge, at the side of the Sand of Despair, that is a zone of the desert that has strange psionic effect.

While they move along, they encounter a deep gorge, it seems another effect of the earthquake the Tarek talked before, it seems that a bit further in the desert the gorge become less steep and deep and can be crossed, after a bit of walking however, it occur to Therai and Varnag that the gorge doesn’t actually exists! It is an illusion created by the desert and the group has actually traveled in the desert for quite a while! They reverse direction and go back to the ridge.

The sky clears and the sun is hitting down hard… at this point everybody is suspicious that this is another illusion so there is the choice if to ignore it or takes extra measure… somebody doesn’t believe it and in the end it gets a sun stroke !

In the end, the group, severely weakened but successful, reaches the end of the ridge and a safe spot where to spend the night. If everything goes ok, the next day they should reach Afisa’s mansion outside Urik!

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