Dark Sun Sandbox

The Best Ambush EVER!

Session 2013/10/12
Everybody present

The group quickly moves along the trail, followed by a couple of halflings archers, when they begins to hear the gyth cloing in, they quickly split in 2 groups and hide at the side of the trails in the bushes.

Hardok, Irann and one of the halflings takes the right side of the path, The rest of the group on the other side. They hide in the bushes and waits… The Gyth, a group of 5, one of which seems unarmed (meaning that is the most dangerous) approach, they fail to see the group and when they are right in the middle, the group jumps them!

Irann has the privilege of first shot, using her bow, but the arrow bounces off the thick Inix armour of the warrior, the halfling however has a better view and pierce the skin of the warrior right in the neck, wounding him, then Therai lets a mind blast against the entire group, that leaves them disoriented, Cor then “explodes” from the bushes yelling and thrusting his sword in the side of the rearguard, knocking him on the ground, Varnag also moves out of the bushes and swipe with his trikal the guard on his side, the second halfling archer shot the unarmed Gyth and then is Hardok that jumps out of the bushes and smash his sword in the Gyth face.

So far, this has been the best ambush ever: 3 enemies are on the ground.

Irann at this point moves out of the bushes and swap the unlucky rearguard with her spear, putting him down for good. The halfling archer let loose another arrow, adding another hole in the Gyth’s skin, then he moves to get a better shot, Therai has another go at blasting the gyths, but they begins to react at this point, the frontguard, that is the only one still standing, tosses a spear at Cor, but in the confusion the spear goes nowhere, Therai attacks again with his mental blasts, killing another one of them, in a few seconds two of the enemies have been offed.

The unarmed Gyth climb back on his feet and makes somes sort of attack moves with his empty hands in the direction of Irann and Hardok, and both of them feels like he did hit them! Then he makes some strange gestures and (like the previous Gyth with the staff) “evoke” from thin air a bunch of smaller Gyths, that appears everywhere. Suddenly the area seems to be full of Gyths!

The second halfling yells something (that is probably a “wtf”) and shot one of the apparitions with an arrow, the gyth projection evaporate immediately.

Another Gyth climbs back on his feet and attempt at swipe at hardok but hits his shield without damages.

Varnag distracts the unarmed Gyth with his trikal and allow Cor to take a swing at him, but the Gyth is quicker and dodges, Varnag uses his healing power on Irann.

Hardok tries to shakes the psionic effects, but is distracted and his attack misses the Gyths, he uses then his Nature Mark to attract the Gyth’s attention and focus their attention on himself.

Irann’s decides to moves in the fray, and then whirls around weaving her spear. But only manage to hit one of them.

The halflings keeps shooting arrows with accuracy, the Gyths begins to looks like pincushions.

But they begins to react, and also tossing spears around, luckily, it seems that the apparitions are not that strong. And they also seems a bit uncertain in their aiming.

Therai decides on a risky moves, releasing a blast in the midst of the group and hitting Cor in the process (unfortunately). The attack in any case provoke some damages to the Gyth.

Cor moves quickly, doing some kind of roll on the floor that allow him to circumvent the Gyths and attacks the unarmed Gyth in the back, slashing through his armour, the gyth is barely standing at this point. He attempt a counter attack against Irann, but doesn’t succed. At this point the other Halfling hits him with an arrow and the Gyth collapses on the ground.

Varnag again attempt a distraction to allow Irann to attack the remaining Gyth but it misses, so he uses again his healing power with Hardok this time, that decides to move into the fray and attract the attention of the remaining Gyths.

Irann twirls sweaping with her spear, the projections evaporates once hits, the real Gyth gets hit and shoved aside by the punch.

The surviving Gyth attempt a stab with his spear against Hardok but it misses and then the remaining Projections tosses a psychic spear but doesn’t hit anything.

Therai uses another mind blast on the midst of the group.

Cor attacks the remaining Gyth that is now barely standing.

Hardok calls his Stone Endurance, to gain some resistance against damages, but unfortunately he can’t hit him. So he again attract their attention.

The final hit is from Irann, that smack him and pushes him away, so when the Gyth releases his psychic death strike, it only hits Cor.

In short time the group has offed 5 Gyths and a bunch of projections, this greatly impresses the Halflings and is a step forward in gaining the favour of the village.

The group partecipate in a banquet with the rest of the village, some comments is made on the sort of food the halflings consider “delicatessen”…

One immediate advantage of the newly acquired trust is that the security of the barn where the caravan is staying is assured, this allow for (finally) a good night sleep. Cor is left in charge of the night’s guard.

During the night, Cor ear noises coming from the village, he wakes up Therai to discuss the matters, and he suggest to go have a look, he goes to investigates and it appears that the monster has struck again, this time in the village itself! A child has been killed. There is confusion and grief in the village so Cor doesn’t linger around but returns to the barn, and found the door opens and traces that shows the monster has been there (!) Cor wakes up everybody but there isn’t much to see, after some discussions everybody goes back to sleep.

Therai wonders if the “monster” could be a shapeshifter.

The next day, finally, everybody is more rested, since there was a disturbance during the night, everybody got one healing surge less than normal (except Cor that has natural strength).
There is confusions about the events of the night. Mostly because it seems the monster has been in the barn but without doing anything and why attacking only specific victims. The behavour of the monster is certainly puzzling. The group decides to split up and investigates.

Therai and I’tok go to speak with the chief, and after some discussions finally they have some sort of an agreement about the trading, especially the fact that the outpost will be repaired and staffed in a more permanent way as a token of good intention for the trading company.

Irann and Hardok go to the temple, Hardok is curious about the remains of the boats they saw at the pool, he asks about it and is told that these are part of a “rite of passage” for the youngster of the village: they have to navigate the stream from the village to the pool, burn the boats then cross the forest to the Colossi Tree, and then back to the village. The entire trip takes a couple of days. In fact, two of the halflings are right now on the way and they should be back the same day.

Irann decides to attempt to contact her Tiger Spirit to check if that can discern some information about the monster. The experiment succeed and it apperars that the spirit doesn’t really react to the monster because it’s something alien to its experience. Is there but is not perceived as an enemy or a prey. Is something to avoid but not particularly dangerous or interesting.

At this point, there is commotions in the village, it seems that a new attack just happened… AT THE BARN where the group is stationed. The 3 guards that were left to repair and organize the place have been slaughtered, some of the stuff has been bumped and scattered around, but it seems that the monster was focused on the killing of the people and not interested in the goods. Again, the bodies have been mauled and chewed and left there. Blood is all around and a few prints on the floor repeat the same tracks as before, no hairs anyway. Therai attempts to sense some arcane feelings in the monster’s tracks, he gets some faint sensations, it is not primal and is not a spirit, is not psionic and is not arcane either. But there is some sort of power force, and may have a connection with Shadow plane (the shadow plane is basically the dead realm, where very nasty things lurks around).

The group decides that this monster business have to get a better look. So everybody go to talk with the villagers about the previous victims.

Everybody however seems to be a bit unwilling to talk, in the end, after some prodding and pushing, it turns out that the young halfling that was killed was a very bright young, that was marked to be probably not the next chief of the village, but the chief after the next new chief. And after some more prodding, it turns out that the first victim of the monster was the father of the young that was also in line to be the next chief! So it seems that the monster is intelligently pursuing the family in a way that seems designed to cause maximum damage to the village’s morale.

The groups begins brainstorming about the reason behind this apparent “grudge” of the monster, if the monster could actually be “piloted” by somebody. The idea that is fixated in everybody is that just before the first killing, one of the youngster has terminated the ritual trip on his own. So he could have seen or noticed something, and that just a couple of days before, two youngsters departed for the trip and haven’t returned yet.

The group talks with the first youngster that, after some persuasion, reveals that the Colossi Tree site, is a sacred ground where the preservers powers of the tree is extremely strong, so much that nobody and nothing can get hurt there, is a peaceful site that is also very safe, but while he was there, he noticed something very strange: there was a pool of blood there (that shouldn’t have been because nothing can’t be hurt there). He was startled and scared by it, but in the end nothing happened, he decided to stay away from the blood and the next day returned to the village without incidents.

The group decide that the best course of action is to travel towards the Colossi Tree, looking for the two youngster that haven’t returned yet, and if not found, go from the Colossi towards the Pool, basically walking the path of the rite in reverse.

The group leaves the village quickly after the rain downpour and moves towards the Colossi, and about half-way they meet one young and very messed-up halfling…



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