Dark Sun Sandbox

The Hunt for the Crystal Spider

1/9/2012 – Everybody present

The party discuss a bit what to do next, the Psionic Lizard is probably a valuable critter (if captured), it is however also very dangerous. After a bit everybody agrees to get back to Tyr for more supplies, cash the findings and to pick up some more informations about the Rikus character we heard about and the Necromancer.

The day is extra-hazy, there has been some sand-fall (not rain-fall).

Therai thinks about selling part of the stronghold as a resort to rich people, bus is maybe an enterprise for another time. We retrace our steps back to the old mine and decide to camp nearby.

While sleeping we get attacked by the same haclings that we met the first time, they dig up from the ground and attack using a combination of claws, fangs and static shock. After an hard fight that leaves Therai and Tacheron not in the best condition we manage to either kill all of them or scare them into leaving.

Along the road we spot a bunch of big lizards, Therai is interested into seeing to capture them to sell them back in Tyr or eat them right away, but Han protest about this “useless waste of life”. After a while he manage to gain enough confidence of the creatures to pass without fighting them.

Back in Tyr, Cor goes to see if he can get more informations about the old Stronghold in the mountains from his contact in the Resistance, Theray relaxes with a bath, Tacheron manage to acquire an astronomy set (he claims to be a slave with lots of resources).

The party toys with the idea of getting some kind of guard-dog-like critter to alert us of danger, but seeing the prices we drop the idea.

While in Tyr, Theray hear something about some kind of ‘Crystal Spider’ whose eggs are quite valuable, both as food as bling. However the spider are dangerous since they are almost invisible and their web is really sharp.

Other parties apparently have tried to capture them without success (since they never returned it’s assumed they became spiders’ lunch). The spiders are vulnerable to thunder attacks, not so much to radiant attacks. They are also poisonous. They seem to live in the south-east mountains. Hunting by blocking narrow passes with their webs and cutting things to bits with them.

The first day we get close to the mountain range and notice a bunch of peoples that, after some questions, confirm that they saw the other parties going to the mountain. They also confirm the presence of the spiders. Going uphill we also notice some animals remaining that looks like they have ben cut to pieces with something sharp.

We proceed carefully and notice some faint web-wire across the path in a point where the path narrows into a gorge-like feature, Hardok spot (more by luck than anything) a faint shimmer of something moving along the ridge. We decide to climb the ridge and try to walk around it.



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