Dark Sun Sandbox

A Rebels Stronghold and a Psionic creature

23/6/2012, everybody present

Back to the camp, we decided to rest for a bit and then go back in the mine to explore more. Cor has shaken off the rash and is no longer affected by the skeleton’s poison so we can go back in full force.

The mine is quite twisty, with many passages that have caved in or looks unfinished, it looks like most of the mining was done by following the veins of minerals and not in a planned structural way. We decide to mark each passage we went through to avoid getting lost and check if we came around.

Found a room with a note from some Resistance Group, evidently they were using it as an HQ, one shaft or passage is marked with a skull and crossbones mark (?) so we live it for a while.

Going back into the same passage visited last time and met the skeletons, the air is cold but not as cold as last time, like something was sucking the heat away. Followed a pretty steep ramp going down that led to another shaft and after a while we reach a fork in the tunnel. Going forward we reach a door fitted between two wooden support beam, it’s a flimsy door.

On the other side there is a room with a few skeleton standing, more skeletons begins to raise from the ground, we discover that running past the skeletons they don’t follow or react anymore (the ‘head’ skeleton apparently give us a count-down from 5 but he never gets to 0 so we just avoid them).

Past the skeletons there is another room that looks like a store room with several piles of ‘junk’ nothing much of interest, lots of knives of strange shapes, the room has another exit, so we avoid the skeletons again and go back to explore. After a bit of going up and down we end up back where we started (intersection noted before). We follow the other passage and found another room whose door has been smashed, the room is large and has strange markings on the ground and there is a pile of skeletons on one side, and another door on the other side, the skeletons begins to rise and we end up fighting them with Hardok at the head of the group preventing the skeletons to get too close. We smash them (yay!) and check the room to see if there
is anything of interest. The markings are probably magical but inactive now, some stuff that are required for the magic to work has been removed. Probably necromancy magic. The next door has a lock and there is another room that has been used as a personal quarter (with a bed, some furniture).

We found a journal that holds lots of reference to a guy named Stravos, there are quite a few people with such name, he doesn’t like the Templar much apparently and is quite interested in necromancy apparently. But his experiments didn’t worked very well, and he plans to go visit some other guy named Djan about this. Nobody knows any of them so we just take the
journal. Checking the room we found a metal dagger that fell behind a closet, is not magical but certainly is costly.

Not finding anything interesting in the mine we decide to get back and check that ‘skull and bones’ passage. We found that the tunnel behind is filled up with poisonous gas (hence the marking).

Since the only valuable thing found so far is the dagger we decide to take a rest and then proceed to the rebel meeting point.

We start towards the mountains and look for the rebel hq. But we’re having an hard time locating the place. In the evening we found a tiny valley hidden in the mountain with some sort of a keep built in one of the rock face, the keep is composed by 3 towers connected by a wall, part of one of the towers seems to have collapsed. Cor is sent to investigate. The door to access the tower is blocked and he can hear the sound of someone sobbing inside. No reply by calling or shouting so we decide to climb the tower and get in from above. There is an hatch leading to a big chamber in the middle of the tower and a corridor that lead to a central room with 6/7 peoples. They seems to be deranged or mad and attack us in a confused/clumsy way, when one is killed he emit a powerful mental ‘shriek’ that damage Hardok mind (that was close).

During the fight we also acted ‘weirdly’, moving away or forward for no apparent reason.

Piles of junk are around we found several gold coins but little else. There is no indication if these peoples were part of the resistance or just nut cases.

Another door led us to another room with more mad peoples (one of which is a woman) same effects here, it is a bit disquieting the effects these peoples can generate, it seems some kind of psionic ability but it doesn’t seem that they are aware of it or of anything at all.



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