Dark Sun Sandbox

The New Recruit

A new recruit join the group

A new recruit joins the party

Presents: Jaroen (Therai), Davide (Hardok), Elena (Irann), new players: Thomas (Cor), Philip (Varnak – Human Warlock/Ex Gladiator).

After returning from the previous expedition the group got some time off and try to figure out how to replace the missing party members, Han and Skoya’Teal. Therai decided to post a few messages around in various Inns and Pubs to see if somebody was interested and also spread a bit the word, after some days one interesting character shows up at the Golden Inix to introduce himself.

The guy, a human named Varnak, present himself telling that he is an ex-gladiator but more used to rely on teamwork than bashing heads himself, after a quick overview of the past “adventures”, Therai decide that it seems solid enough and to take him for a trial the next day.

The group decide to look for work opportunity both at Wavir’s house HQ and in other places. Therai is a bit concerned that the botched job with Garl (the ShopKeeper), and he is thinking about going back to see if it is still possible to do some jobs for him. Also he is curious to know the next job from the Trading House.

The Wavir’s HQ is the usual busy place, but it seems that a new assignement isn’t ready yet. So they butts heads to figure out what to do next. Money is not an issue at the moment but is better to keep busy.

Hardok suggest that maybe the shopkeeper doesn’t know that the object has been recovered but sold to somebody else, on the other hand, they didn’t have an exclusive contract with the shopkeeper, so a simple “sorry” could be enough. That he can inquire at his old security
company to see if they know something of the whereabouts of the half-giant doing guard duty at the warehouse, while Varnak could show up at the shop and inquire directly since he is a new face with the group. Irann decides to go on a bit of sight seeing on her own.

Hardok’s visit unfortunately isn’t really successful, Durop, the “right hand” of the security company is a bit stern and bluntly refuses to provide any informations about the other guard, but it propose a guard-duty job to keep under guard somebody’s house in the Warren, just for the night. The owner is willing to pay 200 coins for one night of guard, that seems odd to Hardok, so he responds without taking too much commitment and goes back to the Inn to see how the others have fared.

Therai, Cor and Varnak heads to the Merchant’s district and then hangs around while Varnak goes in and asks a few questions. Karl doesn’ seems very willing to employ more “raiders” since the last one didn’t went very well. After some discussions, Karls simply vents the idea that if Varnak shows up with something valuable he could be interested in buying it.

Irann is walking around the city enjoying the scenery when she notices a woman juggling in the street, she invites Irann to join her in an acrobatic trick, Irann accept and they do a little number of tossing knives at each other dancing around, after that the woman warns Irann that “she is staying with interesting peoples and they are attracting attention and she should watch out”. Then she disappears in the crowd.

Everybody reconvene to the Inn to exchange informations, when Irann tells about her meeting, the others recognizes that the woman was probably Yoshy the Jugglar, part of a well know group Tyr’s Eyes, some kind of “public” secret society of jugglers and street artists that goes around
collecting informations that trades in informations and sometimes also provides informations for unclear reasons.

In any event the group decides not to take the guarding job proposed to Hardok and just try their luck in Undertyr again. After a tour of some shops to get some equipment, the group heads again for the same warehouse that housed the entrance in undertyr used for the recovery of the ‘toy’.

It seems that this time the warehouse is empty, the door has been boarded up and broken in again so no trouble going in. There is a rope already hanging into the well, probably somebody has already gone down.

The group follows suit, down in the ruined building and at the beginning of the collapsed silo, the place is still covered in silt and it seems that the bodies have moved around and there are some more. The group decided to simply outrun the creatures instead of waiting for them to rise and fight. The group knows that the silo stretches forward and then forks with two opening, one on the left and one on the right. After a brief consultation the group decides to go for the right side. A quick dash and the group reaches the right tunnel before the creatures even have time to move.

The place is relatively dusty, but it seems undisturbed. There are several marks on the walls. Proceeding down the tunnel that lead to something like a store room not very large, with some remaining of wooden equipment and contraption that seems to be some kind of very old torture devices. Across the room and the doorway they reach another room, circular in shape with some circular pit in the middle, about 1.5 meters deep and about 3 meters wide with skeletons and other remaining in it. Hardok have a look at the various bodies and sees that they are of different species. It seems that the pit was used for fight. On the bottom of the pit
there are also a lot of coins. The plan quickly discussed is to let Irann and Cor into the pit, tied with ropes, if there are troubles they should be able to be quickly hoisted up the pit at once.

As soon as they enter the pit a disembodied voice booms “A Contender!” and a skeleton in the pit begins to stir and rises! Jump up with a sword and attacks.

Skeleton warrior

A burst of coldness fill the pit and spills in the room, the first attack of the skeleton is rebuffed but an attempt at pulling Irann out of the pit fails when the rope slips from Hardok’s hands, Cor is hoisted without too many trouble and at the second attempt Irann is also lifted out. But the booming voice yells “The fight is IN THE PIT!” and another 2 skeletons begins to raise. One is literally spit from a pile of bones out of the pit and lands on the border, while the first one performs a nice flip and jump up and attacks Cor and Hardok. They are thrown into the pit by some kind of ‘invisible’ attack.

Irann decides that instead of waiting for another skeleton to jump out and being thrown into the pit is better to bring the fight to the skeleton and jump lightly into the pit and let loose a burst of punches to all things skeleton-shaped. The fight goes on between Cor, Hardok, Irann and the skeletons around. Varnak and Therai stay on top either using a long spear or psionic to add to the fight.

After a while all the skeleton are smashed to bits, the booming voice congratulates the heroes and then announce that the next fight is in 1 minute. The trio grabs as many coins as possible and then jumps out quickly. Then the group decide to retire from the room to avoid another fight.

The loot is about 100 coins in total.



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