Dark Sun Sandbox

A new member of the party and a clue to the past

The previous session was canceled, Alex (Cor) and Jan (Tacheron/Skoya ’Teal) missing, we decided to keep their characters out of the day for today

After an uneventful night the group awake to an hazy day (sand in the air, maybe a sandstorm approaching), with 19 days of supply left.

The party is still in the mountains after leaving the spider-infested terrain and resting at the Elven’s camp. Marching towards Tyr with a bag full of crystal eggs and a wounded elf.

During the approach they they came across an elf tribe whose marking matches the one on the wounded elf, a quick discussion reveal that the tribe is indeed his original tribe, so he re-join them. The warlock also decide that he has something to do and they will meet in Tyr after a few days. Irann remain with the party to sell the crystal eggs and maybe find out some information about her lost monastery and past. The group is warned that there are bandits groups that specifically target people with crystal eggs on the city approach and that nearby there is also something like a Thiefling shrine.

Irann asks the tribe if they recognize the medallion that she has that belonged to her old master, they confirm that the writing seems elven but they can’t read it. The symbol of order of the monks is reported in the medallion, but for the rest is a mistery.

Therai is interested in this ‘shrine’ so the group decide to deviate and see it. Somebody also suggest that going to the shrine would allow the group to approach the city from a different direction than from the mountain avoiding the bandits.

So let’s go to the Shrine!

After a few hours of march the group reaches a little door hidden in the side of the mountain, hornated with a couple of statues that looks like thiefling and leading to a tunnel inside the mountain. When Theari enters the tunnel a little globe of fire appears, it’s some kind of fire elemental that ‘tests’ Therai, since he is impervious to fire he can proceed unharmed, in fact the fire provide lights to see inside the tunnel. Probably that’s why the Elves said that “only peoples of your kind can enter unharmed”. The rest of the group takes stances around the entrance waiting for Therai’s return.

No traces of any corpse or other danger in sight, Therai proceed in the tunnel and meets more of these small fire elemental that provides more light until he reaches a battered door that collapses when he tries to open it and after that there is something like a small preparation room with a table. Continuing inside he reaches a huge room, with several statues and mosaics on the wall. The statues are mostly of Thiefling praying or guarding something. The mosaics represent a huge tower or spire surrounded by large pillar of fire in a vast lushious green forest.

A door leads to an area behind an altar with a circle and markings on the ground with a fire motif, and some more mosaics and texts that indicate that the room was used to perform some kind of ritual magic. Probably in order to summon and/or control fire elemental or fire createure. Another door lead to a more sinister preparation room (body parts) that suggests that human sacrifice were performed in order to subjugate some sort of fire daemon or obtain their collaboration.

Therai decide to leave the place and return to the group to explain the finding, explanation that takes a lot of time because of the unfamiliarity with the argument. An interesting diversion. The group debate a bit of what to do with the shrine, obviously has been there for a lot of time but it seems abandoned and not really visited, the fire elemental at the entrance keeps most of the peoples away, so there isn’t much to do. Therai decide to leave it for the moment and return maybe later with more supply to study the inscriptions inside.

The group approach the city from the North, skirting the ‘Forbidden Zone’ that is a large waste area created probably by defiling magic, this allow them to avoid most of the bandits guarding the “normal” entrances to the city. The group enters by circling the city walls from the east.

Entering the city gives Irann the first taste of “civilized” world (aka: taxes).

The group goes to the Shop district where they manage to sell the eggs to the trader making a good profit (300 coins for egg). Irann also gets some informations about somebody that could be able to read the inscription on the medallion. The group also gets some information about some other group that went ‘under’ trying to fetch some ‘goods’ but were ambushed and killed just by the entrance, so the ‘goods’ is still there and somebody could go down and take it. Seems a simple job (besides the fact that the other group got killed).
So if they are interested, drop by some old warehouse and tell them you’re there.

The group decide to escort Irann to see this new lead on her medallion, the place is an alley lined with barred doors and windows, walking along at one point they meet a strange guy that seems to know already what they want and who they are, he asks to ‘open’ the medallion, and he does exactly that (!?) he explains that there are 3 major order of monks, the Ones Who Watch, the Ones Who Ear and the Ones Who Feel, the medallion has an eye symbol, so it belongs to the Ones Who Watch, he sort-of project in Irann’s mind the location of the monastery, then he simply walk away.

The group decide to put the problem aside for a bit and take the Undertyr challange. They walk to the warehouse and present themselves. An half-giant greet them and show them to an old well (or such) that leads directly under the city.

The underground is a small passage that lead to something like an old cellar, then to something that look like a collapsed tower (with an arcing ceiling) and a place that looks like the inside of a collapsed silos. The silos’ floor is covered with salt, in there the group can see some bodies, some of them are fresh (not covered by salt) while the others are partially buried.

Irann lead the way (she has low-light vision) and identify a body still carring a small bag. Then the bodies start to stir and get up (!) Ok, zombie attack! The zombies are quite strong, trying to crush the party, luckily they don’t seems very resistant, but when killed (so to speak) they disintegrate and ‘re-coalesch’ into some kind of ‘salt elemental’ that keep attacking but is very weak.

Defeated the first group of zombie and got the bag, the group decide to beat it.



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