Dark Sun Sandbox

Pitch Black

Session 2015/01/17

Everybody present

… the group stands peering into the darkness to the center of Yaramuk, the Citadel is almost invisible, there are traces of a
garden (once), with paths and possibly shrubbery or plants, but are now completely dead. The darkness intensify and is really
difficult to see after a few paces.

Therai’s fire elemental and a couple of torches provide a bit of lights, but as soon as somebody walks even a few paces away, the darkness is complete. And the sound is also muffled, like the air gets thicker.

The group observe the surroundings trying to decide the best course of action, what they notice is that the ground seems to be made of really dark stone, but is not stone for real is a strange dark substance that seems to have “copied” the original stone of the path they are standing on, and between stones, where there was some lichen or grass, the dark substance has ‘copied’ even that but it wasn’t that succesful in doing so.

Therai takes the lead and direct everybody along the border of the inner citadel, back towards the river, the reasoning is that following the river sooner or later they will probably found the remaining of the inner garden.

Walking along the path they found a number of corpses lying around, and they can also ‘feel’ the presence of defiling ‘bubbles’ around but at the moment no trouble. The corpses are ancient, the equipment seems to suggest they were Uriq’s forces. They also notices that the bodies have ‘sunk’ into the dark substance of the ground and are now completely stuck.

Suddenly, a building seems to emerge from the darkness, is the front of some constructions that follows the border of the
inner city, is made of some sort of really dark stone. There is a tall gate that is ajar.

Cor and Rochus peek into the building but there isn’t much to see, they enters and are in some sort of an atrium, very large and with a tall ceiling, so tall that it disappear into the darkness. The try to keep a more-or-less linear path forward.

After a while, they reaches a larger room, they notices that the floor is now mixed between regular marble stones and the ‘shadow’ stone that tryies to imitate the marble.

In the center of the room stands some sort of apparatus. Or at last, a black-shadow replica of an apparatus, with several knobs and levers and something that look like a chair to sit into it. Beyond the device are 4 “things”, that when revealed by the light appears to be Braxat-replica, attached to some sort of devices on the ceiling and under the floor, chains and leverages protrude from the floor. A couple of the replica seems to be melted or severly damaged, but a couple looks fairly Braxat-looking.

Of course there is no stopping Therai that immediately wants to check the device, and it seems that the Braxat were attached to such thing to be used as “motor” to do some sort of work, and the weird device was used to keep them under control (somehow), but now the whole thing as become shadow-matter.

And, at the approach of the group, the shadow-braxats starts to stear and one of them manages to break free from his “restrain”.

A battle ensue, the shadow-braxat appears to be able to perform ‘acid’ attacks in addition of being really huge and strong, in the meantime Therai figures that using the device he can “manipulate” the braxat that is still attached to it, and in a couple of tryis he manages to basically shut it down, the other one is reduced to bits by the group.

The group decide that the longer they stay in one place, the worse it is, the darkness seems to intensify, so they decide to move forward, but when they approach the door, a replica of themselves enters!

So they have to fight themselves, it seems the copies are not perfect, but they seems to imitate quite well the kind of attacks and defense of the various characters. Anyhow, the group manages to defeat them, and decide not to linger around. Cor manages to swipe the iron sword replica, that is made of the same black shadow stuff and it is incredibly cold at the touch, he wraps it into some cloth and decide to carry it with him.

Moving forward, they reaches another large room, this contains a number of corpses, judging by the gears they are wearing they are Uriq’s forces, but the weapons and gear are not “modern”, they seems to have been dead for a long time, some seems to have been dead by starvation or exposure. The body looks like have ‘sunk’ into the shadow-floor. However, some shadow-copy of the Uriq’s soldiers materialize from the darkness and the group decide that it’s time to go. They moves forward following the corridor into the darkness.



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