Dark Sun Sandbox

Meet the Guardian

Session 2014-02-22

Everybody presents

…so the group rushes out on the Crodlu and quickly reaches the point where Iuraks’ group was camped. The traces are fresh and they quickly manage to track down which way they went.

The two groups meets after a little while.

Hardok quickly suggest to not tell Iuraks about the Fox, since there is a suspicion that Iuraks belongs to the Veil and is unclear how he could react to the news that a defiler creature have joined. During the way, Therai fill in Iuraks about the tower and theirs discoveries, also warns about the Cilops (Leoricus isn’t very happy about the cilops either).

In any event, during the discussion is clear that the ‘fight’ they had against the Hijkins, more or less matches what the group also saw/acted, but some parts diverges, mostly when the Cilops appeared.

Also, Iuraks claim that the Irann’s medallions is instrumental in finding the monastery, without the medallions is a lot more difficult even knowing where the monastery more or less is.

Anyway, Iuraks quickly decide that the “really important stuff” are definitively in the lower basement of the tower, probably beyond the passage that was collapsed. He also comment that the tunnel wasn’t dug with tools. However, a quick check is enough to convince him that opening the passage by “normal” means is a no-go, too much work, too much material to remove (with Cilops around), and probably the whole room beyond has collapsed reducing everything to dust.

But he has an idea…

Iuraks reveals that he has been studing the “quill” that they recovered from the mine nearby Ianto’s fort ( Virtual Reality Trip).
The quills has great power, even when it was broken, and he managed to “fix” it and he thinks that could be used to “rewrite the present” and bring the tower back in time to a point where the passage wasn’t collapsed.

Iuraks reveals that he attempted the same on a small scale and it worked fine, but doing it on this kind of scale is going to be quite a daunting task. First of all, they need to contain the power of the spell so it won’t go beyond the limit of the tower, and to do so, they need some work.

First of all, they are going to perform a ritual to transfer the Psionic power that has been infused in the system to make the elevator work, into a protective field to contain the effect of the time-ritual.

There are some discussions about how much power is going to require, and what effects will it have, but anyway, it seems that the whole trip otherwise is going to be a waste of time.

So Iuraks begins with his ritual, drawing markings on the floor and on the walls to create Wards to contains the effects, at the same time this will ‘shield’ the inside of the tower so the Cilops will no longer perceive them and they will be at least safe on that side.

In the mean time, Hardok goes to have a quick chat with Iurak’s bodyguards to know what’s going on in Tyr and with Ianto’s house in general.

The guards confirm that they had a short stop a Tyr and then they came to the monastery, Tyr is getting more cahotic by the day, lots of rumours about monsters coming up from the undertyr, guards only protecting the rich areas and leaving everything else on his own.
Hardok inquire about the house, and it seems that the caravan not returning to Tyr is a plot to confuse other houses.

Irann asks the fox if he understand what Iuraks and Therai are doing, and he says they are moving things and making drawings, and that he hopes there will be a big boom.

Then, the ‘first part’ of the ritual begins to act, the lines that have been traced begins to glow, sucking the light out of the older traces in the tower. When that is done, Iuraks produces the quill, that looks exactly like a quill that was broken and then put it together again, he warns everyone that it will works as expected, but do not expect too much from it. The he announces that he will try to “draw something that shouldn’t be drawn!” and does exactly that…

…in the mean time…

Leoricus and the guards are on the first basement of the tower, at the top of the elevator when the lines begins to shine and glow. Leoricus comments that “it seems the old man is doing something down there”.

Then everyone has strange feelings of deja-vu, and then everyone notices that there are zones in the room that looks… weird… like reality is not really “real” anymore. Leoricus suggest to stay sharp and suggest that is probably a byproduct of the ritual down in the basement.

Ar this point, the bodies of the Cilops that are left on the ground from the previous battle, begins to stear.. the guards yells to warn everyone and then the cilops begins to attack.

The guards immediately responds and a quick battle between the guarda and the partially-hacked-to-pieces cilops resolve with the victory of the guards, the cilops goes back to be fully hacked and dead cilops.

…in the mean time…

In the basement, the spell is in full force, the wall shimmers and the blot of colours that makes no sense, coalesh into full pictures that seems to move, at the same time the collapsed passage is restored to his former glory and so is the statue in the corner… statue that now looks like a huge skull, with a crystal eye and many ‘tentacles’ on top, each one equipped with a single crystal eye. It starts to move, making noises that remind of some sort of mechanism spinning up, the eye begins to glow, at first faint then more and more definite, the ‘tentacles’ on top seems to float on their own and they also begins to move, focusing on everything at once… and it doesn’t look very friendly at all!

The entire perimeter of the room now begins to shimmer, emanating from the statue, it seems to block the passages.

So it’s fight time. Irann decides to concentrate in trying to sabotage the thing, while Cor decides to try to hack it to pieces, the fight is complicated by the fact that the ‘gaze’ of the “guardian” has the power of sending his recipient inside a wall, where he has to fend off a powerful image before regaining the room.

In any event, after a lot of hacking, sabotaging and fighting, the group manage to smash the statue to bits, curiously returning it to the state it was before it got restored… at the same time, the field blocking the passageway collapses! The way is open!



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