The Dark Sun SandBox Campaign

This campaign has ended!

In here we’ve tried to collect interesting/useful information about the Campaign and the game we play.

General information about Tyr can be found in this Wiki:

General information about the Tyr region is in here:

Sessions summary

Sessions are posted in the Adventure Log, but since they are in reverse order (last one first) I’ve added links here to have them in the correct order and be able to ‘read’ the whole story in the correct sequence. Note that some of the logs are more detailed than others.

  1. The Adventure Begins!
  2. A visit to the old Iron Mines
  3. A Rebels Stronghold and a Psionic creature
  4. Field Promotions
  5. The Hunt for the Crystal Spider
  6. Old members, new members
  7. A new member of the party and a clue to the past
  8. A stranger with a strange toy, an offer you can’t refuse
  9. Therai Learns a New Trick
  10. A new recruit
  11. Ghosts and Zombies!
  12. Therai’s fools day
  13. Thugs!
  14. I Hate Hejkins!
  15. Virtual Reality Trip
  16. An Offer You Can’t Refuse
  17. A Day In (and Around) Tyr
  18. On The Road To The Outpost
  19. Attack!!!
  20. Into The Forest
  21. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Monster.
  22. The Best Ambush EVER!
  23. So there were TWO of ’em!
  24. Surprise!
  25. the Monastery!
  26. The Inside of the Tower
  27. A Snitch in Time
  28. Meet the Guardian
  29. Memories
  30. He Is Rikus!
  31. The Day of Pointless Fights
  32. Kled, and goodbye Irann
  33. Elementary!
  34. The Troublemaker
  35. Meet Rochus and Friend
  36. Thunder and Lightning
  37. More Thunder and even more Lightning!
  38. The Sand of Despair
  39. Urik – City of Lions
  40. [[Poker Faces…]]
  41. [[The Peril of Caravanings …]]
  42. Yaramuk, the defiled city
  43. The Walls of Yaramuk
  44. A Light in the Darkness
  45. Into the Light (and out again)!
  46. Out of here!

The plan is not to write elaborate prose or catalogue an entire world. This place should become an easy reference for what you’ve discovered and done, nothing more.


Hardok – Unaligned Male Half-Giant (Warden)
Cor – Unaligned Male Rogue Mule
Therai – Unaligned Male Trader Tiefling
Varnag – Unaligned Male Warlord Human
Rochus – Unaligned Male Human Ranger

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Dark Sun Sandbox

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