The Walls of Yaramuk

Session 2014/11/14

…the group proceed towards the walls and the city itself, looking for a way into it, the sky is getting darker, like the light is absorbed somehow, but Therai comments that “defiling doesn’t do anything to the light”, so it seems something else is also at work.

The houses are in bad state but they seems to have been in bad state even before, but now, after years of abandon, things turn into dust at a touch, so there is also the risk of collapsing building. And the ground is littered with dust and the remaining of things. There is a strange sound in the air, like a heavy breath that seems to come from everywhere and it is not natural. At one point, Cor, whose has been looking around for valuable and abandoned properties, spots some light moving inside one of the houses in front, like a fire, or a lantern, just turned out. Hardok also notices the lights.

Therai suggest to speed up and reach the walls, moving faster however, is difficult because of the unstable terrain and the defiled spots. Suddenly, Cor feels that something is wrong and stops, the rest of the group isn’t that fast enough and they end up running into a bunch of “ghosts” or disembodied spirits that surround them with an eerie sound.

The ghosts are not very strong and can be “disrupted” quite easily, but after a while, one of the “lantern” light shows in one of the houses, and then something like a “fire” monster shows up, it shoot fireballs of some sort and it looks really dangerous, 2 more shows up and begin to lumber towards the group, but are quickly extinguished and the group proceed toward the city but slightly slower and with more attention.

Along the way, they notices a body lying in one of the “defiled” patches on the river bank. Cor grab him with a grappling hook and pull him out. The guy seems that has been in a good physical shape, has tattered but good clothes, with House Vorodon insignia. It seems an adventurer. Judging by his condition, he has been on the bank for about a month or so. It seems Yaramuk is not so “abandoned” or “forgotten”.

Finally, they can see Yaramuk’s walls. They are seriously massive, very tall and marked by the sign of siege machines. The houses nearby have been flattened by the battle. It seems a serious attack have been taken place nearby. The river flows out under the walls through something like a metal portcullis, certainly they can’t enter through that way. They follow the walls, which constructions seems unfamiliar, but somewhere there should be an entrance of some sort.

A short distance away in fact, there are the remaining of a gate tower, which has been fully destroyed by the force of the attack. Rochus and Cor checks and notices a great number of corpses or remaining of corpses, mostly with Uriq’s insignia. This must have been part of the invading force send by Iamanu.

The tower has completely collapsed and there is now a pile of rubble instead of a gate, the dust and the ruins are precariously stacked up, it’s going to be laborious going up and down. Then a strange, rasping noise is heard, Therai urges the group to clear the gate and get into Yaramuk, but right when they are at the top of the “gate”, the rasping sound becomes a sibilant command: “charge!”, they turn to see a skeleton wearing the insignia of a Urik’s Commanders, pointing a group of 6 “soldiers” towards the gate.

Therai attempt to trick the soldiers and send them to attack further into the city, while Rochus and Hardok runs down the slope and gets to the other side, however Rochus slips and makes a lot of noise in landing. The result is that the skeleton decide to target him as an enemy.

The skeleton are not very strong, and smashes to bits with a good blow, but they are very good at dodging and parrying, adding to this the instability of the terrain and the fact that, incited by their commander, the skeletons “reconstitute” after being destroyed, the fight is quite long and complicated. The commander however, at one point seems distracted by something and looks towards the center of the city, then at one point, it looks towards the center of the city and then the whole group of skeleton is blown back out of the wall in a pile of scattered bones.

It seems that whatever destroyed them long time ago, is still destroying them now. And everybody thinks at the strange shadow etched into the ground like a very bright light was hanging on Yaramuk self.

But the way is open inside the city now.

The inside of the city is very dark, the group can’t see very far away, but the consensus is that if there are remaining of life, they can be found around or along the river. At the center of the city they can see a tall building, like a tower, standing. The inside of the city looks like a ghost town, very little destruction but certainly nothing alive.

They also consider that, in their actual shape, going into the city could be quite deadly. Varnag isn’t in good condition.

XP: +700.

The Walls of Yaramuk

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