Dark Sun Sandbox

Urik - City of Lions

session 02-08-2014

After leaving the desert behind and setting up the camp not far from Urik, the long traveled caravan gets a rather short visit from a lion, observing the camp from distance.
The watch decides that no immediate danger comes from this lion. But the legend at the campfire has it, that the nation of Urik believes in the Lion-God. And that there are even Lions running free through Urik and that they are holy animals and considered to be the ‘children’ of the Lion-God. It says that the lions can look right into your soul and have psionic powers.
But despite many adventure-stories where the lions became bigger and bigger in time, the night passes by peacefully.

In the morning the caravan prepares its way to its final goal: Havisar Manor , where they will meet Ilios Havisar the quite young head of the family (the father just died 1 year ago).
The caravan travels to the north-east and enters the hilly and green and fruitful lands of Havisar, which are impressively vast and wide.
Arriving at the Manor, the caravan is welcomed by Nikolos the keeper of the manor.
Nikolos’ dark skin is rather obvious and the group gets further insight into Urik’s culture:
All original Urikides have dark skin and the official color of Urik is yellow, as it is displayed on official houses and worn by officials such as templers.
Nikolos himself is the slave of Ilios but he is rather proud of it and doesnt look like a ‘typical’ slave, but rich.
Nikolos describes Urik as green and with a lot of water and its own plumbing system and he also tells that the Havisar family has another house in the city, where the majority of the family is living, while the manor outside of Urik is for business.
While Tyr is famous for its iron mines, Urik is famous for its trade in pottery and obsidian, slavery and arms.
After the group has regenerated by taking a proper bath and having a proper meal,
Ilios arrives in the evening at the manor.
Ilios makes a very friendly and open impression, although he also seems to be sharp and cautious.
After a quick introduction the talk comes quickly to business.
Ilios was very busy and rather successful in the last weeks and tells that he managed to buy some assets and left overs from another small trading house which vanished, Including a small fortress in the bandit ridge north-west of Urik in the direction of Makla.

After the positive news Ilios explains why this other small trading house ‘vanished’.
The biggest and most influential trading house in Urik: House Stel, agressively destroys every small trading house, which could be a competitor as early as possible. It is known that House Stel is favoured by the Sourcerer King Hamanu and thus the city officials.
House Stel has its head quarter in Urik – a giant, massive fortress in the obsidian quarter.
House Stel trades with slavery, arms, pottery, stolen carriage and bounty hunting. They hate elves and they work together with House Rawir in Tyr. They dont have a monopoly on trade but almost on arms.

Ilios checks the jadite figurines and is quite happy about it. He tells that he has another small caravan already ready which could go back to freedom. This small caravan contains exotic medicaments, spices and other ‘goods’ which Therai examines quite thoroughly. He concludes that they have a good value.
Ilios also bought the warehouse from the former small trading house (House Gaithera), which was destroyed by Stel. Coincidently this warehouse is situated directly next to the huge fortress of House Stel in the obsidian quarter.
The next day the caravan travels to this warehouse entering Urik through the Obsidian gate.
Just before the gate, the group observes a small patrol, consisting of three city officials dressed in yellow (most likely templers) and… a lioness!! It seems that this lioness is almost the patrol leader, and while passing by the group it seems to scan everyone and looks right to their souls.
Nothing really happens though, and thus the caravan continues its way into the obsidian quarter of Urik.
Right at the entrance is the huge fortress of House Stel and to the left a giant pit with razor-sharp black obsidian walls. It is the arena of black death. Which was a obsidian mine many many years ago.
Investigating the quarter, Cor finds out that all the big trading houses have a place here. But house Stel seems to be the most present one and is loved by the people. Cor sees a female coming out of the Stel fortress fully dressed in metal armor!!! It seems that house Stel is not very humble but shows its power. And it seems that the major trading route of house Stel is towards the north-west of Urik in the direction of Makla and the Halfling-village.
Arriving at the warehouse, the jadite is well stored and the banners of the new small trading house ‘Havisar’ are raised. (A suggestion was to use the head of a thunder ram as a symbol for the new trading house).
The deal is, that 50% of the profit goes cash into the groups pockets, while the other half gets re-invested into the set-up of the trading house.
Overall it seems that Ilios is doing this all not for money but for prestige…

After all goods arrived safely, the next plan is to visit the small newly purchased fortress in the bandit ridge, to check its status. As it is robably quickly occupied by un-wanted creatures, if we dont claim it soon enough.
Thus, the group stays in the foreign-quarter for the night.
At dawn the group heads towards the north-west to the bandit ridge and in the late afternoon reaches the fortress.
The fortress is still in good shape, but is not abandoned. There are ten well armed humans inside. It could be the former owners from the trading house Gaithera, so the group approaches the gate and talks to the gate guard. After a short while they let the group in.
However, after a few seconds it is clear that the bandit ridge has its name not for no reason.. ITS A TRAP!!
Ten bandits turn to their supposed ‘victims’ and draw their weapons.
But unfortunately they underestimated us. And so Cor (himself a rogue and familiar in the business of burglary) jumps to the nearest and weakest bandit and kills him instantly before anybody else could move. A little stunned by this quick response and because of the great effort the group makes, one by one of the bandits bites the dust. Only the two crossbow-shooters escape willingly and fall and stumble off the tower window and run for their lifes.

After the fight the group inspects the fortress but only finds the remaining corpses of the original owners and the bandits. Enjoying the view from the fortress tower, Cor makes out a big caravan in the distance and later recognizes the white banner of house Stel on it with the two crossed scimtars.
The group decides to stay for the night in the fortress, but somehow this night wont be as peaceful as expected…

Each finishes the session with a total of 10625 EXP.



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