Dark Sun Sandbox

The Adventure Begins!

(Everyone attended, except Alex.)

Day 1

Traveled from Tyr towards the Iron Mines, hoping to find something of interest.

Spotted a bunch of Baazrag traps near the road, decided to let them be.

Found a beheaded corpse of a human slave, decided to follow tracks away from the main road.

Found a massacred camp. Killed Baazrag mother and some of her young that were feeding on the corpses. Concluded the camp was composed of a dozen runaway human slaves. Their heads were missing as well. They had taken quite a bit of iron ore. They must’ve had one or two Crodlu, but these had wandered off.

Took a reasonable amount of iron ore, left the rest. Made camp at a secluded spot not far away. Got a nightly visit from Flying Bloodsuckers. Scared some off and killed the rest.

Day 2

Returned to the massacred camp. Burned the corpses.

Decided to follow trail of the attackers into the mountains. Encountered and killed a duo of Tarek. Concluded it were younglings out to prove their adulthood by collecting heads. Tracks indicated more Tarek activity in this area.

(Davide had to leave.)

Decided to turn back, made camp.

Day 3

Returned to the massacred camp. The remaining iron ore had been collected by some third party. Returned to Tyr.

Discovered that the collected iron ore originally belonged to House Vordon. Sold it discretely via the Elven Market for a pretty good price.



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