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the Monastery!

session 2013-12-14

everybody present

…the group dismount the Crodlu and leave them behind a rock outcrop, then they take position higher than the path, behind some rocks. They quickly decide to wait for the Gyth to approach and then attack them rolling a boulder to disoriented and surprise them. Then attack the group down the slope (difficult terrain).

The Gyth approaches not noticing anything, the little fox has been told to shut up and try to be stealth.

When the Gyth are “in position”, Hardok, Cor and Varnag gives a big push and the boulder is on his way! The Gyth jumps out of the way, surprised and alarmed. Therai attempts a Force Hammer Attacks, against the Gyths, one of them is hit and falls prone but the others are tougher than they look. Irann attempts a long range shot with her bow hitting one. Cor and Hardok push the boulder that rolls down the slope, hitting only one of them unfortunately (for him).

At the sound of the boulder rolling down, the Fox springs out of the bag turns visible again and starts yapping “GET THEM GET THEM!”… so much for ‘stealth’!

Then is time to jump in!

Therai attacks again with his Force Hammer, dropping 2 more of the Gyths. Hilariously, one of the Gyths remains in the middle of all standing and looking around. Obviously now the group is revealed.

Irann jumps nicely down the slope and then hit the Gyth with her spear. But misses, so she tries again and this time is an hit. Varnag runs down the slope but misses his attack. Cor jumps down the slope with surprising grace, his psionic attitude with moving in sync with the terrain helps him in keeping his footing steady, at the last moment he whips his blade out of strike the target that is already on the floor, finishing him.

At this point the Gyths begins to react, tossing javelins around, but in the confusion they miss. One of them however, is so concentrated that he manages to summons a couple of projections, the kind the group has already encountered before. He looks a bit surprised, like he didn’t know he could do so, but the projection acts immediately and hit Cor in the back. Last one is Hardok, that jumps down the slope, maneuver around the enemies and hits one of them as hard as he can, blooding him.

…the fox jumps up and down yapping harder, bright green in the rocky surround…

Therai tries again with his Dishearten attack agains the Gyths group, 2 of them falls prone.

The Gyth reacts, attacking Hardok with his spear, passing through the shield and hitting him hard, Hardok falls on the ground. Another Gyth sees the scene and jumps in, piling up the damage. Irann attacks with a swirl of the spear and at the same time she releases the Tiger Spirit that jumps on the Gyth and immobilize him, then she sidesteps flanking one of the enemy. This gives Cor a nice support by distracting another enemies, that gets hit with a massive blow and dies. Varnag move closer but misses his attack.

The Gyth’s projection suddenly sees Irann and immediately tosses a spear (psionic) at her. The force of impact is enough to drop her on the ground. Hardok rises from the ground and calls his strength to regain energy. He roars his challenge to the Gyths. Therai sees the display from Hardok and decides that this is a good moment to go with his attack.

The surviving Gyths attacks Hardok but he dodges both attacks.

Irann attacks, and manages to destroy the projection. Varnag finally find his bearings and attacks the Gyth, unfortunately the Gyth “explodes” with a psionic forces, like dozens of ghosts exploding from his body, hitting Hardok with psionic force.

Cor moves quickly, reacting to the movement the Gyth try to attack him, but receives a smack by Hardok for it, the hit is not enough to stop the Gyth, enraged by the attack, Cor strike the Gyth with such force that the Gyths dies, fortunately the psionic explosions doesn’t damage anybody.

All the Gyths have been dispatched, the group takes some time to takes stake of the bodies and the wounds and to calm down the fox that is still yapping around overexcited. Excitement is over, they remount and continue the trip.

After a day of travel, the group stop for the night in a nice-looking spot. No trouble, but at one time during the night they can hear something like an horrible laugh coming from the distance and reverberating against the rocks of the mountain.

Therai theorize that must be some sort of evil spirit in the distance. The sound seems to came from where they came. It can also came from something like 10 Kms away. Irann and Cor says they can distinguish two different ‘tones’. Hardok guess that is some kind of animals communicating with each other in the distance, but he has never heard anything similar, and anyway it seems a long way away so they decide to makes camp and concentrate a bit on the resting.

In any event, the night is not as restful as they wish (no AP/Daily/Surges recovered).

After another day of travel, the group spots at the side of the road something like an abandoned mining camp. The group recons they are now right west of Tyr.

Everybody dismount and they try to approach the camp to see if there is anything interesting in the camp.

Cor and Irann approach carefully and they notices some remaining of a Gyth, specifically the head of a Gyth, Irann throws up (?), then they glimpses traces of a crystal web. That means Crystal Spiders. Irann hinch closer and notices that the head has traces of poisons effect and has been probably lying there for about half a week. Some traces around but is really hard to see.

The buildings looks derelicts but they are still standing. Inside is dark, she can see rubble and some “crystal” glinting things, probably spider threading, she recognizes that is probably the same kind of threads they found in the cave that was used by the spiders in the burrows where they found the eggs.

They recognize that probably the barracks are used by spiders as burrows, and the possibility of living spiders roaming around are high.

The group decide not to middle with them and they leave the area pushing forward, despite Therai’s protests that he is tired.

Hardok wonders what the Gyths were doing so far away in the north, and if they do have some sort of outpost or FOB or not.

After another day of travel, Irann realizes that something weird is happening: she needs to concentrate to just walk in a straight line. When she relate this with the others, they also notices the same. Since the group is more or less following Irann, they haven’t realized, but now they notices that, without continuous check, the tendency is to turn around or walk in a large curve. Like something is pushing them away. Also, Therai notices that there is an Arcane field that is trying to hide something by a combination of illusion and misdirection.

Thanks to Irann’s guidance, the group proceed until they reach a large area and the Monastery came into focus.

The group comments that is a very effective way to avoid unwanted visitors or just passerby.

The terrain is sloped, and on top of the hill there is a large, pentagonal building, with a tall central tower and heavily fortified walls. A spiral path circles around the hill leading to the entrance.

In the distance something like a pylon is standing on the ground, covered in strange symbols and everyone can see that there is some sort of circle of such pylons all around the building.

Therai vents the hypothesis that the inscriptions on the pylons is deep-speech, and there is a psionic effect coming from it. Hardok propose the term “circle of confusion” to name the entire effects.

There is no sign of life in the monastery, but compared to the rest of the terrain around, the area looks sort of lush, like is equipped with its own mini-climate zone.

The group begins to approach the monastery walking along the spiral path. No traces of anybody coming around here.

Around the building there are a lot of Kanks roaming about. Irann confirms that Kanks were kept around as domesticated, but that was years ago. It looks like the path was kept tidy and neat, but after several years of abandon, the path has gone bad.

The path leads up to an opening in the wall, no doors or gates, just open. One of the side of the building has been blown inwards, like something struck it with really giant force. There is a sizable Kank hive, so there are soldiers and workers moving around, in and out the monastery.

The Kank are sort-of neutral in regards of humans, they won’t attack unless attacked or perceive the humans as a threat to the hive.

Inside, the place is segmented into 5 areas, the courtyard just after the entrance was probably used as a storage space for harvest and to tend to the kank, there are stables, storehouses and the like, the Kanks are everywhere in there looking for food and other edibles.

There are gates, connecting the various areas.

The group tends to the animals, locating a safe-looking barn that is still standing and then goes to explore.

The second area the group explore is the administrations place, there are several buildings again, it seems that nobody came around here, and the place is still mostly intact. A quick glance on the documents stored in the administrations area reveals that about 200 peoples have been residing at the monastery, and the number was quite static during the years.

It seems that most of the damage that happened here is due to the passing of time (and Kanks), no ransacking or looting.

The study area is a lot more interesting: it seems that some buildings have been completely burned down and it seems that it was done on purpose. Probably by the monk themselves to destroy or hide their secrets.

The living quarters do not reveal a lot. Except that a huge part of the wall is broken down and apparently the main attack happened here.

The group find a broken sword made of metal, considering the engraving it looks like it was owned by some templar. Hardok wonders why they left the sword there. Most of the weapons left over are manufactured in Tyr.

Therai comments that blowing up the wall is a huge feat, the Fox comments that blowing up the wall is “easy”, this leaves Therai a bit surprised, the Fox repeat that “there is so magical power, I can blow up the whole thing”.

Therai theorize that a big, upper class defiler must have been at work here to make all this damage at once.

The training area is a lot more interesting. It looks like all the killing has happened inside it, like all the monks were standing there. And it’s obvious that whatever blew up the wall also broke a huge hole into the tower’s wall. None of the remaining appears to be of the attacker, either none of them died or they toke the bodies away.

But the entrance to the tower is open! And Irann is really interested in going into it since she wasn’t ever allowed to do so.

While looking around, the group notices some sort of insect, coiled into a mound, and immediately Varnag recognizes it: it’s a Cilops, a creature that is sometimes used by Tyr’s Templars as guard or killer and is a nasty creature. Varnag fought one of these in the Arena (and won) thanks to his ability in directing the fight.

The Cilops have the ability to fall in a sort of hibernation states, where they simply sleep, and every now and then they wake up to eat something. Kanks usually do not attack Cilops, quite the opposite. Cilops “imprints” the area and quickly became hostile against every sentient creature that enters the area.

Varnag theorize that it was left behind probably as a sort of sentinel of booby trap.

XP : 5351



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