Dark Sun Sandbox

The Day of Pointless Fights

session 2014-04-05

Twan absent, Varnag was played by Jeroen

The group is still traveling towards Kled with the Caravan, still 2 and half day travel and they will be in town. But before that, they are looking for a good place to camp and while doing so, Irann spots somebody coming their way. Of course they are not expecting anybody, in the distance it seems a group of 5 humans (or humanoids), coming through the stony barrens from the north on foot. They look quite buffed, either very bulky humans or half-giants. The area is patrolled by Tyr forces, but it doesn’t look like a patrol.

Quickly, the group and Leoricus jump on the mounts and move forwards to investigate leaving Iuraks and the guards behind.

Getting closer they see that the 5 are not half-giants or humans but Tareks, Desert-dwelling creatures that the group already encountered before, only the first time it was 2 youngster while these are full-grown adults and looks a lot bigger.

Tareks are usually of 2 kind, the ‘savage’ kind that only think about killing and collecting skull, and the peaceful kind with which you can communicate. The group that is approaching seems composed by two different type, with simple garments and ‘stuff’ attached to their belts or backs, like tools.

The group decide to try to communicate, so they dismount from the Crodlu and approach on foot, the Tareks smiles… when they get closer they realize that the ‘tools’ are actually humans heads, and the ‘smile’ of the Tareks are the kind of smiles that says “we got a fight!”, so a fight erupts.

The Tareks are strong, they don’t have weapons but their fists are basically like stones, and they can “wave” the rocks like water around. One of the Tareks display psionic powers conjuring a group of “apparition” that hurtles stones around (luckily they have crappy aiming).

After a while the Tareks are defeated, a quick check of their possessions doesn’t reveal anything specific, the heads they were carring are definitively humans anyway and looks also like fresh kills.

The group grab their mounts and goes back to the main body of the caravan and continue the search for a good camping spot to recover. And recovery would be good: the last events have left marks on almost everyone, Cor has been attacked by the zombies and has an hitchy spot, Iranns is sore and even Hardok has a nasty pain in the chest.

Finally, they find a spot nearby the rocky foothill. No troubles during the night but still the sleep doesn’t fix all their problems. Actually, Hardok gets worse.

The caravan proceed along the way in northern direction, the idea is to get to the stony foothill and then follow the hills towards east to re-join the “normal” caravan route to Kled.

During the travel, they reach a zone with lots of cactus, immediately they remember the incidents with the “rock” cactus and decide to approach carefully, however, during the approach, the terrain suddenly caves under Irann’s mount, she react quickly and manages to steer her Crodlu out of a gaping hole in the ground, and at a safe distance. It seems that the plants have managed to dig a huge “trap” underneath the sand, and lie in wait for something to wander into it to be consumed.

In the hole, a number of spine and a feeding mouth in the bottom.

After that event, the day goes by almost boring. In the evening they finally reach the foothills, while they are looking for a campsite, looking around to be sure that the place is safe, Irann and Cor spots some movement on the hill side. The goes to investigate and notices a couple of humans scurrying around. It seems that they have been spotted by somebody and that somebody is checking out their strength, so Cor and Irann moves to do some counter-intelligence, they quickly reaches the other side of the hill and notice a group of about a dozen humans that are arguing with each other, then they move towards the caravan. Quickly Irann and Cor return to the caravan and alert everyone.

So everybody is ready when the attack came. Irann and Cor takes position on the stony hill to act a pincher maneuver, while the guards are staying in the back to avoid an attack in the rear.

The unknown attacker arrives and are intercepted by Hardok, Leoricus, Iuraks and Therai, while Cor and Irann joins a moment later. Seeing them from closer it looks clear that they are not very strong opponents, in fact some of them are already wounded and not really convinced in their attack.

After a quick fight only one of the attackers remains, he is interrogated and reveal that they were ex-slaves that attempted an attack on Kled, were rebuffed and were simply roaming the desert looking for an easier prey, but their luck obviously run out.

Therai decide to let the man goes in the desert to met his own fate. All in all, a day of pointless fights.

The rest of the night is uneventful, the next day unfortunately, Varnag and Hardok conditions are even worse than were before and the pain in the chest begins to affect theirs normal activities and reaction times (Varnag: -2 fort and reflext, Hardok -1 to all defenses) and even Cor infection is worsened (-1 to all rolls).

Will they finally reach Kled?

Irann 1 hs 28 hp
Therai 0 hs full hp
Hardok 2 hs full hp

XP: +350 tot 7260



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