Dark Sun Sandbox

Old members, new members

Alex and Ana missing at this session, characters were played by Davide (Cor) and Jan (Han)

The party is slowly approaching the point where they saw the faint shape of Crystal Spiders before, going over the ridge and avoiding the probably trapped narrow valley below, Cor takes the lead closely followed by Hardok, however Tacheron at the read has decided that he doesn’t really want to be part of this anymore and begin to silently sneak away.

Hardok, looking around notices some movements behind some rocks uphill, it seems that somebody is hiding there.

Suddenly, there is a flash of light and the party is attacked from the left/rear side by a big spider that uses light to blind the whole group. The battle is problematic because everybody is trying to keep track of the spider that uses a attack-and-run tactic to gain maximum advantage from his low visibility and the newcomers that is unclear if they are friends or foes.

After some tense fight the spider(s) are defeated and the group turn to check the nature and motive of the newcomers that are both Elves (actually one is an Eladrin and could easily pass per human). Therai act really stubborn about it, going almost to provoke an attack from the Eladrin that appear to be a mage of some kind. After some “negotiation” the group decide to backtrack and see what happened to Tacheron.

The group found some tracks that goes over the hill and at an angle respect the valley, the Elves are unwilling to go very far away because they also have a missing party member that got taken away by a spider before, the rest of the group is also questioning how far they have to go in the search for Tacheron. While discussing there is an explosion a little far away, investigating the location the group find what could be identified as the remains of Tacheron (probably). The group backtrack once again and start the search for the missing party member.

The found a cave that seems to be some kind of nesting ground for the spiders. Not seeing any spider around the group discuss what to do. One of the Elves (a female named Irann) propose to try to sneak into the cave to have a peek before charging in and if possible try to drive the spiders out in the open. Cor offers to go in too.

The two goes inside the cave moving carefully and trying to make as little noise and disturbance as possible, avoid a web placed in the middle of the tunnel and reach a pit where, apparently, the spiders drops the bodies of their victim as ‘food sources’ for the younger spiders when they hatch from the eggs. In the pit they can also see some eggs in clusters.

Irann climb down the pit using a rope while Cor remains on the top on the look out. She find the missing elf still alive on top of a pile of corpses and manage to tie him with the rope so Cor can take both out.

After rescuing the elf and checking on his health (is not that bad), they get back in to recover as many eggs as possible and they get about 20 (jackpot!).

Back on the surface and out of the cave the group made a quick walk to the place where the other group was attacked by the spiders, the elves make a quick mourning ritual and then everybody start on the road back to civilization.



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