Dark Sun Sandbox

Field Promotions

18/8/2012 – Everybody present

The exploration of the semi-abandoned fortress continue. After resting a while the party leave
the center room and continue into the fortress.

More demented peoples attacks the heroes that at one point are also attacked by some kind of “fear elemental” that reveal to be really tough to kill and provoke fear-induced reactions.

During one of the encounter a less-demented man shout the name of “Rikus” that was a General responsible to kill the King (I missed some detail here…)

In the next-to-last room the party is also attacked by some kind of large lizard and another ‘fear elemental’ that seems to be a powerful coalesce of fear able to act more or less on his own, but since it’s almost immaterial is not easy to attack with melee weapons.

Fortunately, after a while the lizard decide he had enough of the fight and escape and the elemental dissipate, suggesting a connection between the lizard and these manifestation. The environment also lose its oppressive feeling, reinforcing the idea that was the lizard creating the strange effects and provoking the dementia of the previous inhabitant.

Finished the fight the heroes can take a rest and check the lizard’s lair that reveal a few more coins. And in the end they achieve a next level ! We got promoted!!!



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