Dark Sun Sandbox

A Stranger with a Strange Toy and an Offer You Can't Refuse

(Presents: Davide (Hardok), Elena (Irann), Jaroen (Therai), Jan (Skoya`Teal), Jasper (DM) – Missing: Ana (Han), Alex (Cor – Played by Jaroen). We decided to write off Ana’s Character since she can’t play any more with us, Alex will be either be replaced or written off)

where were we… We’ve left the party after a battle against a bunch of undead monsters that turned into salty/dusty creature once killed only to get killed again, the party managed to beat them off and retreat to the (relative) safety of a semi-collapsed building with a leather bag that probably contains whatever object the first party was seeking. Since it doesn’t look like the building is actually really safe and probably we have what we were looking for, the group decide to return topside and collect the reward. Everybody head back for the surface the same way they came.

Back in the ruined warehouse the group is reunited with Skoya`Teal (the Eladrin Warlock that was left in the mountain with the Elven tribe), it seems she was after the same gig, she puts up a good face at being beaten to the prize. The prize! Nobody has looked in the bag yet! Well, it turns out is some kind of cube made of smaller metallic cubes… that moves around with some ingenuous mechanism inside. The purpose of the object is unclear. Maybe some kind of key? Or coding device? Or it has some magical use? Nobody seems to know. But Skoya`Teal says she knows somebody that can shed some light on the object, some crazy Elves guy that happen to be interested in these kind of things from a past age. And maybe before returning the object to the shopkeeper that contracted us we could show it to him and see what he tell us about.

Then the half-giant guard that was guarding the entrance, bring the news that a bunch of humans seems to wait outside. They looks like crooks waiting for whoever came up with something valuable to mug. Being another half-giant, Hardok thinks that he can pass for the guard and not arouse too much suspicion in the group by looking out, so he sticks his head out and count about a dozen humans, not very well dressed but obviously better fit than the party after the encounter with the undead. After a quick assessment of the situation the group decide that is much better if to get out as far possible. The building doesn’t have a back door, so a general consensus is to make a new one. In specific, pile up some rubble to reach the ceiling, make up a (not so) very neat hole and then get to the roof. From there, the plan is to get to the roof of a nearby building to avoid the gang outside.

The two elven skim across the roof with ease and grace, Hardok not so much. In fact he land on the roof quite heavily, Therai and Cor have even less luck and the roof gives way, so they both fell into the building and in a pile of pottery. Hardok drop a rope and Cor, even if wounded by the fall, manage to climb back up, but the rope is cut by the sharp edges of the hole, so it snaps when Therai try to use it. Therai manage to climb up from the broken pottery and find a door leading out of the building. The rest of the group descend from the roof a couple of streets away and everybody heads for the Elves district and this ‘friend’ of Skoya`Teal.

Questioned about this friend of her, Skoya`Teal reveal that the guys is some sort of historian interested in past ages and old-dead things, an “archeologist” of some sort. And his name is Indi. She doesn’t seem to know him very well anyway.

Irann notice that there is some sort of commotion or a fight going on at some distance, we decide to steer clear of them and change road. We arrive at a sort of round square, with stalls and other paraphernalia that indicate a market of some sorts.

On one side of the square a bunch of elves are bickering with a group of humans, it seems the elves are displeased with the presence of the humans and proceed with killing them. The elves seems to belongs to the same tribe we met before, the Tooth-cutters, after the kills they proceed to collect some tooth to add to their collection, but one of the dead bodies begin to stir and rise again. Zombie in the Town? Not so uncommon but… Anyhow, the elves became very excited and begin to shout then they simply run away.

Ignoring the problem we turn our attention to the house that Skoya`Teal indicate as the place where we can find some information. We knock and some guy answer the door.

We ask him about ‘Indi’ (Skoya`Teal is doing the talking), the guy doesn’t seems very impressed or very willing to cooperate, he point out to the zombies walking around and propose a deal: get rid of them and he’ll see if he can helps. Skoya`Teal suggest that the Tooth-cutters can take care of them, he remarks that they just run away like scared children and ‘they can handle the tooth-cutters’. Great! It seems now we are contracted as pest-controller… So the group turn his attention to the 2 zombie shambling around.

One of them is now trembling and spitting around some sort of black goo, the body is pulsating like something is growing inside. The zombie begin to shamble in our direction and lash out with some sort of long ‘tongue’ or tentacle that hit Therai in the face! Battle ensues.

Destroying the two zombie takes a bit longer than expected, and when we manage to kill one it ‘explode’ blowing black rotting flesh all around, the necrotic fluid is also damaging. Hardok express the wish that the house they are going to get after this will have snow-white carpets…

Once destroyed the two zombie and checked the remaining we return to the house and demand some answer. He let us in and then lead us to a room full of books and other stuff when we finally meet “Indi”. He is an oldish looking Elves that seems very interested in the object, becoming even over-excited and began to manipulate it like mad, he express the idea that the object is just a toy, built from a lost civilization when even simple things like toys could be made with metal. The guy also as a limited ability to “sense” the meaning and purpose of an object by holding it, this is his main way to discover things. In any event he is extremely interested in gaining access to other things like this if possible. We answer in a non-committal way and head out.

Before going back to the merchant district we decide to rest and clean up a bit.

The next day, we head for the shop to collect our rewards, but before getting there we are approached by a shady guy that inform us that “some people” are very interested in the object that is in our possession and they could make us a very interesting offer. Who the ‘some people’ are is the
Wavir Trading House. Based in Balic, Wavir deals with grain, ceramics and precious metals. It is unique in that it has no slaves nor deals with them as it was founded by ex gladiators and freed slaves.

Now, being associated with a Trade House means that there are a lot of resources to do your job and there is also some kind of “security” in the business. It also means that you have to have the best interest of the house as your best interest (not that this is any different than before). So after some pointless discussion, the group decide to drop the Shop business and going for the House.

We show up somehow well-dressed to Tyr offices of Wavir, a large house in the trading district. We have a meeting with Belana Varovia, head of the operation in Tyr.

We have the meeting in a somehow spartan office where she is working, she appears to be very calm and relaxed, in complete control of the situation, she confirm that the object we found is valuable (Therai try to drop some hint and play a bit around in trying to ascertain the true value of the object) and that the House is also interested in recovering other similar objects. Therai jumps at the notice and quickly draw a deal about trying to recover more objects in exchange for compensation and support. The rest of the discussion verge mostly in details about how much the house is going to support the “field operators”. We also drop some hints about some kind of recovery operation for “lost knowledge”, with the intent of steering the house in supporting us to go after the Lost Monastery that housed Irann for a while, but this discussion doesn’t go very far.

At the end of some discussions the party net 7000 coins for the object and some assurance that a new job is already waiting. We leave the building for some consultation and after some more pointless discussions about it the party decide to take the offer and the new job. In returning the building we notice that there is some commotion around, guards running around and people looking more worried than usual. We hear that apparently there is an attack in act by rebel forces against one of the Guard Towers.

We return to Wavir’s hq and get the new job, that consist basically in a “test”, as it is put by our contact, to see how we handle it. We have to return to Undertyr in search for a section known as the “Belly of the Noble” where a fountain of some kind exists. Inside the fountain a tree have placed roots and the fruits of the tree have psychic effects. It is mentioned that eating the fruit raw will drive anyone mad with nightmare. Our job is (obviously) recover these fruit and bring them back.
We ask some information about what kind of dead creatures we can encounter and are given some basic information about them, the fact that in Undertyr things that are dead don’t stay “dead” for long and things that aren’t dead tend to join the undead after a while. Also, staying in one place for very long is a bad strategy because it attracts the attention of the undead things.

As extra-equipment we are provided with 5 splash-potion that are harmful only to undead creature and 5 healing potion (actually healing-pills).

The party proceed to the entrance of Undertyr, this time we are on the good track since the beginning because the House own and controls the access to that specific part of the town. We’re also given indication (verbal, unfortunately) about how to reach more or less the area of interest. So we proceed to the building that has a big cellar and from there to a passage to Undertyr. The first part of the journey is through something that looks well-trodden, a bit of rubble around but generally well-kept and easy to navigate.

There are a few places where the direction given to us don’t really stick to the ground, but staying more or less in the general direction we manage to get to a large underground opening, something like a Dome probably, at the center of which a fountain and inside the fountain there is a statue. From the statue itself it seems that some kind of “moss” has grown larger and its bearing fruits.
Irann is leading the way using her low-light vision to see forward and notice several “things” lying on the ground. They seems dogs (or what’s left of dogs) and also some parts of bodies. Then those things began to stir and move around… even the parts. Ok, time to kick some asses!

The group decide to stick to the mouth of the tunnel to offer minimal front, the creature attacks and their bite is nasty, providing also ongoing necrotic damage. And when killed they also bite on reflex. So not only they are dangerous when “alive”. After a while we manage to re-kill all of them and we can proceed with the operation.



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