Dark Sun Sandbox

A Visit to the old Iron Mines

(Everyone attended, except Davide.)

Day 4

Went to Athas Revealed, an information broker in Tyr Noble District. Bought directions to the Old Tyr Iron Mines.

Traveled into the mountains, made camp in a small cave. Got a nightly visit from Hejkin. Killed most, but they stole some provisions.

Day 5

Found the Old Tyr Iron Mines. Notices a lack of life and spirits.

There had been a fight in the ruins a while ago.

Entered the mines.

Found old illegible writing on the walls, probably made by Hejkin.

Found encoded directions to a hideout for some revolutionary group, to the southeast. Dated about a month and a half ago (the revolution happened a month ago).

Found bones and skulls of some Humans and Mull. They were eaten, most likely by Hejkin.

Went down a shaft, encountered a bunch of Undead. Cor got infected with something nasty.



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