Dark Sun Sandbox

More Thunder and even more Lightning!

session 2014-07-05

..we’ve left with our heroes preparing to “stabilize” the Storm Pillar, that doesn’t look a lot stable and even less “willing” to be stabilized. Therai perform some arcanic insight and decide that, if the two swirling “storm” are dissipated, the pillar should become less frantic and the situation should definitively improve, especially, all the elemental swirling around should not be so powerful. Time is of the essence because a huge cloud is gathering on top
of the area and the lightning is intensifying, everything points to a huge lightning elemental forming up above and gathering strength. Therai assume that either Arcane power or Primal power can be used to dissipate the storms, or at best immobilize them, since they are orbiting the pillar in a clock-wise motion.

So Therai prepare to move in while everybody else waits.. unfortunately it seems that Therai has some trouble, so the beginning of the attack is somehow disrupted, one of the lightning elemental moves in and knock Therai into the gorge where he is zapped by lightning, Hardok jumps the gorge and uses his Primal force to probe the closest of the storm, unfortunately he can’t manage to stop it in place but it does seems to be less strong than before, Rochus move closer and pull Therai out of the gorge and away from the elemental.
Cor moves into view and try to hit the storm with his sling, provoking less damages than expected.

The main problem is that everybody that is around the area keeps getting zapped by the pillar and the orbiting storm, but the elemental seems to charge up on the lightnings.

Anyhow, the combined efforts of the whole team is enough to dissipate both the storms and two of the lightning elementals, in such a short time that the large cloud above doesn’t have the time to coalesce into something worse.

The group begins a survey of the pillar and the damage, the pillar is obviously not natural, strange markings are visible on his surface, it is also not a solid block, it seems to be made of a mixture of crystals and rocks kept all together with some sort of magical force. The crystals (according to Therai) seems to channel the energy out of the ground and into the sky, but somehow some of them were damaged by the fissure and “clog” the channel, so they split out and become the two swirling storm. They collect the two strange broken crystals for later study. Then they turn to the problem of stabilize the pillar.

Hardok and Cor rolls some stones into the hole, making a somehow stabler base for the pillar. In any event it seems that removing the unstable parts and putting together the other parts that have been broken off and shoring off part of the floor, the pillar is more stable and the energy-hold-up seems to be solved momentarily. It is possible that it gets unstable again, but not immediately. It is also possible that they can find somebody to check the crystal shards they have and manage to figure out a more “permanent” solution.

Done what they could, the group begins the return trip, looking for the marking left before and interpreting the passages.

They manage to get out without too many troubles and goes back to the caravan. The next day they continue the trip towards Urik. Not much to reports, but in the late afternoon, they notice an oasis in the distance.

Rochus moves forward to investigate, he sees a few Jhakar moving around, some other critters but nothing dangerous, there are only three jhakar and they don’t seems to constitute a huge problem, since the Oasis is the best place to stop for the night, he returns to the group and the general consensus is to get rid of the Jhakar and take “position” in the Oasis, the group circle around to get a surprise attack and to be able to hit the creatures from a distance before going in for the kill.

They do exactly so, first hitting the jhakar from a distance with javelin/crossbows and similar and when they get closer confronting them directly.

The plan is somehow derailled by the sudden apparition of a few Chathrang that were hiding under the shrub and rocks that pops out and begins to spit harpoon all over the place.
Despite that, the jhakar and two of the chathrang are dispatched and the group decide that the Oasis is safe enough to rest for the night.

Rochus removes the poison sacks from the Chathrangs’ body, those could be sold in Urik to apotechary (or assassins).

The oasis unfortunately, is resting but not enough to recover 100%, but is good enough so everyone that had lasting pain from the battle at the Storm Pillar is non longer troubled by that.

The next day, the caravan takes the road again towards Urik, the good part of it is that from now on, they are on a terrain that Rochus knows, the bad part is that they are bound to meet raiders returning towards Freedom and those are probably going to be Wind of Vengeances’ type. So, possibly, the next problem will be human-kind.

XP 500



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