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session 2014-03-08

Alex missing.

…the group approach cautiously the now open passage, the first thing everyone notices is how smooth are the walls, like the tunnel wasn’t excavated but almost “melted” into the rock, the passage is marked every now and then by small supporting ridges, quite narrow and elegant, so narrow in fact that is incredible how they can support the whole tunnel.

Into the ridges some crystal spheres are embedded, and they glow faintly now, Iuraks suggest that if the whole place was completely powered up, the spheres should provide enough light to see clearly without the need of torches or lamps.

The tunnel proceed and then turn right, Irann and Cor goes forward keeping their eyes and ears very open.

Past the bent a large room (again, pentagonal) shows up, the front of the room descend with a few steps towards an oval-shaped space and the walls and ceiling descend down, the floor disappear into a pool of water, or other very dark, very calm liquid.

Some rubble down the steps are the remaining of some equipment probably used to produce potions or to process waters.

Along the walls and in the center of the pentagonal space there are again scribbling in ancient language.

Iuraks begins immediately to study the ancient language and other scribbling, while Hardok moves to investigate the pool. It looks like water, but the walls and ceiling disappear into it and it is very dark, can’t see the end of it nowhere… it also looks very, very, very still.. like there is absolutely no life in it at all.

Hardok spots a bucket in the rubble, so he pick it up and fetch a bucket of water. It is heavy, a lot heavier than any other water. And it smells… strange, in the sense that it doesn’t smell at all.

A dip of a finger in it doesn’t provoke any strange reaction, so he attempt to taste one drop, it is awful. Iuraks suggest that the water is absolutely pure, it’s the purest water that you could possibly find, it’s so pure that it tastes awful compared with “normal” water that contains minerals and other things. The material that was left behind and is now quite damaged, was used both for “purification” and to mane the water drinkable.

Iuraks suggest that the pool of water could be very, very large and the whole thing was excavated probably many, many years ago. He also suggest that the whole thing has to do with the ‘seeing’ of things, in time and space. He also think that the whole ritual to make the system works needs to use some kind of potion obtained from the water itself.

Reluctantly, Therai produces the bottle with the fluid they found in a previous exploration of the nearby storage room.

Iuraks claim that the ‘restoration’ spell he used is quite stable, it will expire eventually and the room and passage will go back to be collapsed and probably destroyed, but for the time being it is Ok, so they can stay and study and check things out at will without too much trouble.

Iuraks decides in the end that the liquid found in the storage room is not to drink but is to boil and smell (lucky they didn’t tried to drink it).

Irann tries to concentrate and ‘sense’ the water and she realizes that… it works! She can perceive the whole body of water (that is really large), she also realize that the medallion is in sync with the pool of water, so it know thinks that ‘it is at home’ and there is no need to move anymore.

While Iuraks study, the rest of the group simply slumber around recovering after the fight.

In the end, Iuraks decides that he has figure it out: the pool it is used like the room on the top of the tower, to concentrate and extends the consciousness beyond the range of the present in order to see in time and space. The seers must have some sort of connection with the event/things/persons he wants to see, and the stronger the connection the better. And the further back in time is the searched vision the better. And since the vision is referred to the past, there is no way to interfere with the event, they are done and done and nothing can change them. And since they are all in it, the vision will be ‘shared’, everyone will see and experience the same.

So… what do they want to see?

At this point the Fox jumps out of the bag (literally) and yell that he wants to see Oberon! Where is Oberon??

And he sees him. In a forest, a forest so green and full of colour that even the fox could look at home there, giant trees hovering, flowers of all colors, and an Elf, so elegant to be mesmerizing in his beauty stands looking at the sky, in the blue sky, the sun, the same
sun that shine on Atas, and a moon that slowly moves across, but is not one of the ‘normal’ moons, it’s brown-reddish, with the south side completely black. And is moving very very slowly, in fact everything seems slow down. Somebody wonders what moon is that and the Fox answer that “that is no moon, that is Atas! And Oberon is in trouble, we must help him!”.
There is some resemblance between the giant tree and the colossi tree they saw already, but these tree are real live tree, and they look almost “normal” in that forest.
It seems that there is a connection between the trees, a portal that allow to move from one place to another, but it’s closed, or in any case “inactive”.

…then the vision collapses…

Irann wants to see what happened when she was born. And indeed this is what she see, she see herself as a baby and her mother, she has a tribal tattoo on her face, tattoo that bear resemblances with a skull. They get out of an Elven’s tent and there is a huge tower outside, a tower that looks like is made of bones of giant animals, multiple animals. But the tower isn’t just a pile of bone, it’s alive, it looks like it could move and walk around. Then there is an attack, the elven are attacked by other elven with different tribal marks and Tyr’s soldiers. Irann’s mother flees in the desert and after a while, she sees Monks taking the child and running away while the few members of Irann’s tribe fights a lost battle against the soldiers and the other elvens, then the Monastery appears in its former glory.

…then the vision collapses…

Then it’s Iuraks turn, and the vision we get contains a surprising amount of Dwarven, Iurak explains that the place is Kamolak, the ancient Dwarven capital, that is now destroyed and the town of Kled exists in his place (some of the groups have been in Kled). And at the moment, the Dwarven are writing in the old Davik language the passage that will erase it from the world.
The cityscape is impressive, with massive ornate buildings made of marbles, then the focus is in the temple, there are a lot of pages, with things that are written but the vision blurries when somebody tries to focus on it. And there is also a group of humans and there are preparation going on for an important ritual. And Iuraks comments that ‘this is great! I know where this place is!’. In the background of all the preparation, something like a live version of the Guardian is floating around, watching everything. That is a Beholder, a being of huge power. There is a group of peoples arriving, and there is such a sense of incredible power emanating from this people that the vision collapses. Iuraks comments that he wouldn’t be surprised if a Sorcerer Kings had arrived.

…then the vision collapses…

Therai is curious about the pictures of the tower of fire that he saw in the Thiefling’s shrine. So he decide to jump back to the moment the shrine/temple was built.

The first thing that is evident are… a lot of thiefling! The second thing is that there are peoples working at the temple. And who is doing the work are humans, dwarves and other humanoids that nobody recognizes… probably slaves. It’s a hilly region, but is green! Not brown, there is no desert here. And in the distance, the mountains are NOT visible. Looking on the other side, the hill are slowly disappearing… under water! The world is covered with water! An incredible amount of water! And the sky is blue. The sun is shining but it’s bright white and it’s sort of smaller than they expect.

How old is this ?? Wonders Therai. There are myths about the ‘Green Age’, the ‘Blue Age’, but those are myths… nobody every saw them.

The temple is being constructed, the Thiefling are painting the columns of flames. They are making paints of thiefling using huge columns of flame to boil away the water. And in the ritual chamber they practice the ritual to summon fire elemental to power up their towers. Also, they see a very strange ritual where Thiefling use their fire power to burn a pregnant human to power up themselves.

..to which Irann comments that “you told me Elven were bad…”.

Also, there are humans giving birth to Thieflings, and there are humanoid creatures that nobody ever saw.

Lots of fire around, the water boils away, the world turn from green to brown. The sun even grows bigger. The Thiefling conjuring fire elemental to fight unknown forces.

Therai attempts to concentrate on the ritual to summon the fire elemental, and suddenly he (and everybody else) is zipping away from the shrine, across a world ravaged by fire and war, towards another place that he doesn’t really know where it is, he knows the direction where he is moving. And everyone can see a huge column of fire, basically a tower. And there is a huge “fire” ray, coming from the sun and concentrating into the tower. And Thiefling are using this contraption to focus the heat of the fire to burn large shed of terrains around them. Going faster, the glow of the tower is diminishing, and the surround of the tower turning to ash and jagged melted rocks. In the distance, the mountains begin to emerge.

The Fox jumps up and down excited yelling “AWESOME!!!”

…then the vision collapses…

Cor is more curious about the whereabouts of Rikus, specifically right now… Since it’s a “right now” vision, it won’t be that defined, but he is curious and goes ahead. The room becomes darker, and then there is the distinct impression of Rikus standing still in the darkness. Surrounded by other soldiers, his personal guard or the platoon he was part of when he disappeared. And they are standing there… silently waiting… and there is the clear impression that they are no longer alive, but they are actually zombies.
And then, everyone realize that they know where that place is. It’s underground in an old mine, where a passage marked “poison” was found in a previous expedition.

…then the vision collapses…

Varnag wants to know about his family, specifically his grandparents. So everybody goes back in time when Varnag’s granparents were born. First from the part of his mother, the grandfather that was born in what looks like a very wealthy family, and it looks like the father is an high-ranking templar in Tyr. The view is inside the Golden City of Tyr, that nobody but the elite of the elite, while the grandmother was not born in such a luxurious situation but still in Tyr in a reasonably wealthy merchant house. Unfortunately nobody recognizes the House’s Crest, but everybody realize that is a merchant house. Apparently they were also doing some work/trade with Tyr’s Government. Then they see from the part of his father: that is a different story, it seems that his grandfather born in a family of farmers outside Tyr, and he grew up as a farmer.

Then the story goes faster, Varnag witness his father that decide to join the rebellion against Kalak, grew bored with farming and disliked the oppression. While his mother simply live on the other side of the fence in Templar Luxury, and nobody knows what happened to that merchant house. Varnag was born while they were in captivity as rebels and things
went sour.

But one thing emerges: his mother is still alive somewhere and maybe still even in Tyr leaving the rich life.

…then the vision collapses…

Hardok wants to know what happened the night his old tribe was attacked and destroyed by unknown forces.

History Lesson – Hardok was part of the personal elite guard of his old Tribal Chief, the chief was trying to unify all the Goliath tribes of the area in an attempt to provide a “safe place” (sort of a homeland) for Goliaths. However, there were interior strife between the various ‘lieutenants’ (old tribes chiefs and so on), and allegation that the chief was getting old and weak. There had been also rumors that some traitor had signed a pact with either
a powerful sorcerer or even a necromancer… then one night, an alarm arrived that one of the outpost was under attack, quickly the Guard’s captain rounded up a group (of which Hardok was part) and rushed there, only to find a destroyed outpost, everyone dead but no sign of bodies of the attacker. There were obvious sign that there has been a fight
(damaged weapons) but not one single body… The Captain quickly decide to return to the village only to find it under attack, the chief assassinated, confusion everywhere… Following this events, the tribe disintegrated, Hardok was forced to find his way away and ended up first imprisoned by a rival tribe and then in Tyr.

So the vision begins with the attack to the outpost, the attackers appears to be human riders, wearing concealing clothings, but they don’t seem to be concerned about the goliath hacking them to pieces. In fact, the “killed” attackers, falls down, then after a while they simply get up again and continue their attack. The outpost is quickly overrun and destroyed, some of the guards managed to lit up the alarm beacon, to alert the nearby villages/outposts. Then the attacker retreat, letting the platoon sent on support pass by without interfere, in the mean time, a stronger group of raiders advances towards the main village, attacking and killing the guards, one Goliath is in fact seen helping or guiding the attackers, then they retreat, followed by the traitor, towards a large tower, that looks like made of bones. But Hardok is pretty sure that there was no tower in that valley before, and in fact, the tower begins to move, on bone legs. Away from the valley and towards the desert…

…then the vision collapses…

Iuraks at this point ponder about and announces that the next step is to leave the monastery, that doesn’t contains anything of interest anymore and proceed towards the old Dwarf town of Kled, where, by chances, there is a meeting set up with the founder of a new Trading House (House Lir), that is a Thiefling female. From there, the caravan will proceed towards Urik to sell the Jadite stuff and make profit.

This leaves the group a bit in disarray, everybody has different ideas at this point of what to do, the visions have given different reactions. Cor would want to go and check if Rikus can be revived, Hardok is pondering revenge, Irann doesn’t really know what to do now but she is thinking about joining the Fox, whose idea is to go and get Oberon, Varnag would like to go and see if he can find his mother, Therai still harbour strange ideas about “taking over” House Ianto but is incapable (or unwilling) to formulate a plan of action how to do so…

More over, any idea of “not go” to Kled involve (probably) killing Iuraks, Leoricus and the rest of the guards, then they can’t simply show up in Tyr. The jadite stuff they have would sell a lot better in Urik, but going there directly without the rest of the guards is probably more risk than it’s worth.

Lots of doubt and no real decision.

Hardok is kind of set in going towards Kled, because the bone tower should be in the desert in that area, the tunnel that the group did not explore in the old mines is also more or less in that general direction.



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