Dark Sun Sandbox


Everyone begins to approach the fort, the night is dark and the light coming from the lonely window guide the way, the general idea is to start the attack surprising the Gyth in the fort, and if they look way too strong or way too many, everybody runs.

Irann and Cor approach by the collapsed structures around the towers, and they quickly discover that the terrain is covered with junk (splinters of rotten wood), unfortunately Irann steps on a board that breaks making a lot of noise, immediately there is a rustle from the inside of the tower, the Gyth have good ears!

It is very possible that all the Gyth are now looking outside, trying to see if there is somebody or not.

Everybody freezes and pretends not to be there. After a couple of moments, the doors on the first floor of the tower opens and a couple of Gyths walks over the roof of the old wooden buildings looking down in the yard. They don’t seems to notice Irann or Cor that are hiding in the shadows, but after a bit they shout and there is a rumour from the tower and a couple of more guy walks out in the yard and begin to looks around.

One of them after a moment go back inside and came out with a torch (so he is perfectly visible in the middle of the yard). Cor and Irann retreat further behind the rotten wood, but then the guard walk out of the old palisade and immediately spot Hardok, Varnag and Therai outside.

Therai – Chaaarge!!!
Hardok – Oh fuck!
Irann – …not again…

The guard is armed with an obsidian spear and armoured with a Inix-scale vest.

Cor has heard something strange going on in the tower, like a bunch of people jumping up and down, however he realize that he is hidden from the guard in the yard but as soon as he steps out or do something he’ll be spotted. So he decide to wait and see what happens and Irann as come to the same conclusion.

One of the guard on top of the building looks down and spots the group, he immediately toss a javelin at Varnag, wounding him.

The Gyth with the torch runs out, shout something and charges with his spears at Varnag, but is unbalanced with the torch so he misses.

Irann sees that the guard with the torch is now outside, so there is an opportunity to move unnoticed, she quickly goes checking the door, that is not locked and can be easily opened, she peek inside the tower and see that the bottom floor is covered with some junk, lots of rubbles and pieces of wood, there is a staircase going up toward the first floor that is obviously praticable but there is a huge hole in the ceiling. There is also a door on the opposite side of the room probably leading to where Cor is, but it is blocked by rubble on this side.

One Gyth, also wearing Inix armour, is in the middle of the room leaning on a strange staff, and around him there are 4 Gyths that looks like they just jumped down from the sky, they also looks “funny”, blue-purplish in colour… Irann’s realize that the Gyths are not “real”, they are apparitions or mental projection of some kind, still, they appears to be physical. Irann’s decide to quietly close the door and withdraw back to her hiding spot.

Therai unleash a mind thrust against the guard, leaving him confused and distracted and then he decide to move backwards away from the fort.

The strange purple Gyths walks out of the tower and begins to position themselves around the terrain.

Hardok, being in the open and with no chance of cover, moves forward and attacks the torch-carring guard, that gets a nasty punch since he is distracted.

Cor moves along the wall and attempt to open the door, but is blocked from the inside.

Varnag attempt a swipe with his trikal and slash the guard, increasing his distraction. The Gyth however seems to enjoy it (?)

At this point the Gyth with the staff in the tower also walks outside and stares around with a deranged face.

The other guard on the roof tosses a javelin at Hardok, but he misses and Hardok is quite happy about it because the javelin was mighty fast! But the Gyth isn’t happy at all and he just jumps to other side of the fort! The jump isn’t really a jump, he seems to ‘float’ in the air more than jumping. There is certainly some sort of Psionic at work here.

The first guard on the roof spot Therai and plunged down at him with his spear, the hit is so hard that Therai found itself pinned to the ground!

Irann enters the tower and try to open the other doors, but it’s stuck and doesn’t budge.

Therai is still pinned to the ground and his efforts to un-pin himself aren’t going very far, he attempts a mind-thrust against the guard on top of the wall but it doesn’t work very well, so he decides to use some healing on himself.

Hardok is assaulted by one of the ‘strange’ Gyth, that does some kind of mental attack on him. Another one attempt the same at Varnag.

Hardok, gets back in the fight, smashing one of the ‘projection’, unfortunately in the frey he also hits Varnag, then another mighty smack kills the guard with the torch. However, dying he unleash a mental punch that hits Hardok quite hard.

Cor takes his chances, reaches for the tower’s door, walks in, sees Irann, then closes the door…

Cor – (to Irann) Help me lock this door!
Irann – I was trying to get out!

Varnag attacks the other projection that is hit and disappears.

The Gyth with the staff seems pissed off at Hardok and unleash some kind of mental attack that pulls him into the fort.

The javelin-throwing gyth keeps throwing and keeps missing.

Irann runs out of the fort smacking Cor out of the way while he is trying to close the door, and then smacks the Gyth with the staff, and then increase the measure with a flurry of punches. Then, while the gyth is asking himself what the hell is going on, she smacks him so hard that he flails his arms at his buddy and gives a massive wallop on the head with his staff.

Therai throw a mind thrust to the remaining projection that evaporates. Still he is stuck to the floor and can’t get rid of the spear.

Hardok attacks the ‘wizard’ with the staff, knocking him on the ground.

At this point, Cor is all by himself in the tower, in a room full of junk, garbage and probably some rats, he can ear the noise of the battle from outside and can see from the door the Gyth lying on the ground obviously hurt… but he really wants to go to the first floor, so he runs up the stairs, burst out of the door and attacks the guard on top of the roof, smacking him on the ground.

Varnag, one at one with a brutish Gyth, swing his trikal hitting him on the side, and shove him aside gaining some space and impeding his movement. The Gyth gets up and it looks really pissed off, he unleash some sort of psychic attack against Varnag and Hardok, hitting both of them, the hit is particularly bad for Hardok that goes down.

The other Gyth pulls out a dagger and slashes at Varnag.

The last guard on the roof, that is now lying down, swipe his dagger at Cor in retaliation.

Varnag is hit by a nasty javelin and goes down too.

Irann sees both the fighter going down and decides to jump in and swirl her spear at the Gyth with the staff, but he dodges, Irann moves out of the way but another gyth attacks her with a spear, pinning her to the ground.

Therai is still pinned to the ground, so he uses his mind-thrust attack against the guard on the roof, the hit is enough to kill the guard, luckily, there si no outburst of psychic energy.

Cor attempt a shot with his sling from the roof, but the shot goes astray.

The gyth with the staff launches a psychic attack at Irann, hitting her.

One of the Gyth jumps on top of the roof where Cor is standing and on his way down hit him with his spear hard.

Irann attempt another attack to the gyth with the staff, but the hit is not enough to kill him. And she’s still pinned to the ground.

Therai finally manages to get rid of the javelin, walks closer to the palisade see the situation and decides that somebody has to check on the urdlu.

Cor also jumps down the wall and gain the safety of the trees.

The situation is quite dire: 3 of the group are left on the ground, maybe dead, Therai and Cor are momentarily safe and discuss the situation and what to do. The Gyth numbers has been halved, but the guy with the staff is a nasty one, chances are that the creation of those “projection” has exhausted him for the moment, still he seems quite good at psychic attacks.

However, it is dark and the cold is getting really bad.

There are a number of choices: going back immediately or wait for the dawn. There is also the possibility that the scouting party they saw the day before came back and surprise them. And there is the uncertainty of what happened to the others.

Anyhow, Therai and Cor decide to get back and see what the situation is.

Therai and Cor approach the fort cautiously, they notice that the bodies of the Gyth have gone, the yard is empty, there is still some light coming from the tower. One of the Gyth is standing on the roof and after a bit he goes inside.

They are both very careful and try to be super-stealthy, they can see sign of the fight, but no bodies or other things. It appears that the others (if still alive) have been brought into the tower.

They decide to climb up the roof of the building and then enter from the first-floor door. Cor goes first and then he lift Therai up.

They decide to climb to the top of the tower, where used to be a wooden roof but is now gone. It’s quite easy to get down from there through an hatch in the floor. Therai propose to jump in, surprise them, kill the wizard and then see from there.

At this moment, Hardok and Varnag weak up, they find themselves tied upside down and with a bag on the head. They both feels like crap and with some strange psychic noise going into their heads.

So they open the hatch, as silently as possible and then climb down. There is one Gyth guard leaning agains the door on the inside, while the ‘wizard’ one is muttering to himself inside, performing probably some sort of a ritual. The last Gyth is looking on eating his supper at the same time.

Therai jumps in and unleash a surprise psionic attack, but the only one affected is the one that was eating that spits out his food and falls prone. Cor also jumps down with a “jumping blade” attack, whirling his blade while landing and slice the Gyth almost in half!

At this point the guard that was leaning against the door react, grab his javelin and tosses it at Cor, wounding it. The other guards gets up and grab his spears.

Therai jumps down from the ceiling and attacks with his Psionic Living Missile, turning one of the guard into a puppet and slamming him against the other one across the room, the impact tosses both on the ground.

Hardok makes some noises realizing that nobody’s probing his mind anymore. Hardok and Varnag manages to break their bounds and remove their blind, looking around in disbelief.

Cor jumps again on the prone guards and slashes him with his sword. The Gyth on the floor isn’t happy and manage to stab Therai, in retaliation Therai burns him with his Infernal Wrath, the last Gyth at this point jumps up and charges up the stairs and attacks Cor.

Varnag and Hardok manages to free themselves and land on the floor down, still shaken and weak.

Cor strike from below the gyth on the stairs, but he seems to smiles through the pain. But is enough to distract him and make him miss his attack.

Therai decides to assume a defense position and wait for the Gyth to move.

Irann slips out of her bounds and moves quickly down the ropes to the ground floor.

Varnag notices all the weapons stashed in the corner, so he grabs his trikal and utter some inspirational word to Hardok, that grab his hand bow and shoot the Gyth, hitting him square in the torso, still the Gyth seems to enjoy it.

Cor hit him again with his sword, the hit is enough to kill the Gyth that unleash a psychic “scream” that echoes in Cor’s mind, jut like happened before to Hardok.

Hardok complains about the positioning during the battle. Then is time to take stock of what’s left from the battle.

Therai gains the Gyth’s staff, that apparently has some strange properties, however Irann, Hardok and Varnag have some ongoing psychic problems that will require assistance to get cured (-1 to Will), in addition to this Hardok and Varnag got quite hurt (-2 to Initiative, Insight and Perception) while Irann instead hurts her leg (-1 to Speed).



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