Dark Sun Sandbox

A Snitch in Time

Twan absent, Varnag was played by Jeroen.

The group begins to assess the damages caused by the Cilops’ attack, one of the crodlu was scoffling about and is immediately recovered, the guard that got bitten is patched up and the rest of the caravan seems ok.

After this, the discussion centers on where to set up camp for the night, the Cilops seems to be around everywhere and nobody is happy about it. The kanks are less dangerous (unless they begins to think you are food). Therai suggest to simply take a walk around and see if they can spot how many Cilops are still lurking around, without being attacked. Also, they can have a look to see if they can spot a nice place where to set camp.

A quick walk around reveals Cilops all around the place, the count is a bit sketchy (since nobody really wants to get that close to be sure) but it’s in the 20~25. Waaaay to many to kill them all.

Therai hypotesises that the Cilops are sensitive to mental activity, they will fixate on the psychic trail that is left behind by any conscious thought, and sooner or later they will catch-up with their quarry. So, simply waiting for them and they will came, but that’s not what they want.

Boarding up the barn and use it as a shelter is out of discussion, the Cilops will quickly converge there and they will manage to crash in.

Therai suggests that the shaft leading down in the basement (where the floating disk is) is too smooth for the Cilops to climb down, they will fall and splat, so they could simply leave the caravan up in the barn (the cilops won’t attack the crodlu because they are not intelligent being and the kank won’t bother because there is no food) and move downstairs.

Hardok complains that he doesn’t like the basement because if the “lift” stop working they will be trapped there. So first they have to figure out a way to check how much “power” is left in the system.

Everybody goes back to the tower and Therai spend some times checking the glowing lines and carvings on the wall and floors trying to ‘sense’ how much power is left in the system. After riding the elevator a couple of times, he announce that they have depleated half of their allowed power, and the remaining power will slowly fade even if they don’t do anything. But still there is enough power to ride the elevator a few times up and down.

Grudgingly, Hardok concede that the basement seems the safer place around.

The group and the guards ride the elevator down and set up a little camp (with lights and sleeping bags) and prepare to spend the night. Everything is quiet, only once during the night the guard that is still awake ears a “SPLAT” in the shaft and notices that one of the cilops has taken the fast ride down and is now splatted on the floor. The Fox comment very happily “BREAKFAST! So there is room service in this place”.

The next “morning” everybody wakes up a lot more rested, even Therai’s bad burn (caused by the Kank’s acid of the previous day) has healed. What’s left of the Cilop’s body is dragged out of the lift and everybody looks up. The top of the shaft is invisible in the distance, but if there is one cilop on the floor, there are more of them on the top for sure.

Everybody prepares, when they approaches the top of the shaft, that is visible because of the light coming from the staircases above, they can clearly see three Cilops peering down, one of them became a bit too eager and jumps down, remaining “floating” just above the group and trying to reach down with its pincher but with no success. It seems that the ‘disk’ is not a disk but is a full enclosed “cage”. Therai suggest that the ‘cage’ will disappear when everybody is out and this means that the cilop will be released and if it’s fast enough
it will manage to climb out, otherwise it will be at the bottom of the shaft.

Everybody prepares for battle. Hardok and Cor takes position at the exit.

As soon as the “lift” reaches the top, the Cilops attacks! But the first one bangs agains the ‘force field’ surrounding the ‘lift’ and its attack is not that effective, however, the Psionic gazes of one of the cilops damages Hardok, Irann is the first to move, quickly squeeze by Hardok and smashes the Cilop with her spear, pushing it back and opening a passage to get out of the lift. The second cilop attacks Irann as soon as she get out, hitting her with its paralyzing antennae!

Therai attacks with a Psionic force the second Cilop, immobilizing and smashing it against the other Cilop across the room, he quickly moves out of the lift and across the room.

Cor jumps out of the lift and smashes his swords on the prone Cilop, but it misses.

It’s Hardok moment, he walks out of the elevator and smashes his sword in the Cilop, for good measure he also calls forward his Mountains Resilience to resist the next attack.

The Kanks decides to try to spit on somebody but they fail, so they decide to high-tail out.

Varnag is the last one to leave the lift, swinging his Trikal and hitting the Cilops that is already bleading. Then he uses his healing power on Irann.

The Cilops reacts to the whallop attacking Hardok with his pinchers, the hit dazes Hardok for a moment.

The floating disk suddenly vanishes, the Cilop on top grasps at the walls but it falls down the shaft.

Irann is too far away to attack so she concentrate on the defense instead.

The Cilop wriggle itself upright and attacks Irann with his piercing psionic gaze, then he attempt an attack against Cor.

Therai uses his psionic to smash it again against the other Cilop, leaving both of them wriggling on the ground.

Cor, recovering from the attack, slams his sword into the prone Cilop.

Hardok retaliate against the Cilop, killing it.

One of the Kank attempt to spit against Cor, but it misses and it decides to go somewhere else, the other one instead attacks Therai, then it decides to leave the place too.

Varnag moves forward and smashes its trickal against the Cilop, killing that one too.

All the Cilops vanquished, the group recollect, have a short breath and then moves up to see how things are.

Therai suggests that maybe Iurak is lost and can’t get to the monastery, so he proposes to go up the tower and use the “eye” to try to spot Iurak around. Otherwise, he wants to move back to the basement and see if they can excavate the passage that was collapsed. However, Therai is a bit concerned about the availability of water, Hardok points out that there are plants around and about 100 monks were living in the monastery, so water should be available somewhere and they haven’t actually looked for water (not yet).

The group after some discussions, decides to spend some life energy to power up the tower again.

Therai wants to try to use the Bell in order to try to ‘expand’ his awareness beyond the range of the monastery to search for Iurak. Hardok and Varnag are stationed the floor below keeping watch for Cilops, while Therai, Cor and Irann are under the bell, then Therai concentrate and attempt to ‘ring’ the bell focusing his Psionic.

It works! A resounding bell echoes over the Monastery… for whoever is under the bell the effect is quite different: the sound is incredibly loud, and rings high in everybody’s ears, and then the sound completely vanishes, everybody is deafened and the vision becomes a bit blurred and strange things seems to appear, the air seems to be denser, forming shapes that twists, merges, distort and became to solidify, still remaining transparent for the most part. Everybody can see that the shapes looks a lot like themselves, moving and acting, like they are seeing themselves fighting, however the shapes are confused and seems to change from one to another, so Cor seems to melt and changes into Irann’s shape, then it becomes Therai and so on.

Hardok and Varnag hears some shouts from above and they decide that something went wrong…

Irann sees a reflection of herself in the act of attacking her, but she is confused so she decide to go on full defense and do nothing. Therai decides to move away from his own reflection and leaves the underbelly. Hardok came up the stairs and see weird semi-transparent things floating around and seemingly in the process of attacking. And he also sees one of these “spirit” thing standing in a side and looking a lot like himself, Hardok is confused so he moves towards Cor and tries to shake him to see what’s going on.

Irann tries to concentrate on the “thing” near her and she realize that the “spirit” is a sort of
reflection of herself and doesn’t have a mind on his own but is mimicking her. She changes her posture to see if the reflection follows, but it doesn’t. It seems that it’s stuck in a different time, possibly this is a reflection of when they were fighting the Cilop, so the reflection is in combat mode now. Cor is having the same thoughts, so he moves out of the way, but the reflection follows so Cor is still as the target. Cor goes full defense.

Therai attempts again to project his mind to try to contact all those apparition and try to figure out what they are. The effect is that a shimmering wave seems to pass over the whole room and all the reflections seems to be affected somehow.

Varnag follows Hardok, sees all the weird things that are going on and decides to go full defense.

The strange apparition begans to shimmer and then there is another Hardok behind Hardok and it seems to attack with one of Hardok’s move, but the blade passes through Hardok, however it still hurts! The “Cor” apparition seems to stab the real Cor, but he ducks out of the way, the “Varnag” apparition attacks him, and again it it, with the same strange effect that the weapon passes through him. Irann’s found herself at the receiving end of one of her own attacks, but she dodges.

Therai yells “Don’t attack them!” but he can’t hear himself, however Hardok decides that “when in doubts, smacks!” so he retaliate with an attack on his own, and it’s an hard hit, the attacks does something, Hardok can see that the reflection has become confused and distorted, even if it doesn’t seems to react to the attack. Hardok attempts to use his Nature’s Wrath mark, but it doesn’t seems to work.

Irann’s reflection is now so distorted that looks more like Cor, so she decides to attack it with one of her best attack, again, the attack succeed, but it doesn’t seems to produce the damages that she expected, but she manages to pushes her away.

Cor decides to see what happens if he moves away, so he quickly goes downstairs.

Therai keeps trying to focus on the apparitions, but is not making progress.

Varnag found something that looks like Therai at his side, but he can’t figure out what is going on, so he moves a bit away and goes fully defensive.

The apparition that looked like Cor now looks like Varnag and swivel his trickal at Hardok. And suddenly Hardok find himself on the lower floor, while Cor is upstairs where Hardok was standing! And the apparition that was Hardok now attacks Cor, hitting him, and suddenly, Cor is right in the middle of the room, under the bell, while Therai is in the midst of the creatures, and again one of the apparition attacks Cor, and then Cor is standing near the stairs, disoriented and confused and again under attack from another apparition.
The last of the apparition appears by Irann, attacks her and she swap places with Hardok, that appears to be confused and pissed.

It is difficult to keep track of who was attacked by what, the apparition keeps moving, changing shapes and so on.

Hardok concentrate and suddenly around him coalesce a boiling cloud of grit and blood (it looks like), the cloud obfuscate the vision and makes everybody in it difficult to hit and see. From the inside of the cloud Hardok attacks one of the apparition, but he misses.

Irann is confused since she is now on the floor below, she runs back upstairs.

Cor calls on his second wind to carry on and try to get a better position.

Therai again try to concentrate and it seems to work! One of the apparition is distorted so much that it can’t keep a reliable shape any longer.

Varnag focuses on Cor with his healing power.

The apparitions keeps attacking, Hardok is hit, despite the cloud surrounding him, and he is
transported at Varnag’s place, that is immediately attacked but is a miss. It seems that Therai’s concentration is working because most of the attacks are misses.

Hardok decides to try to hit most of the apparitions, so the Cloud around him explodes,
hitting 2 of the apparitions, one of them is seriously disrupted and it seems to mimic Hardok’s attack, bouncing part of the attack at him bit he misses.

Irann moves to attack and releases a Masterful Spiral attack, the attack completely destroy two of the apparition and disrupt another reflections, however part of the attack is reflected back at Irann, that gets hit.

Cor attacks the remaining apparitions, and manage to destroy one, again the attack is reflected but he dodges.

Therai does his concentration again, and this time 2 more of the reflections are destroyed.

Varnag uses again his healing power on Irann, and then is attacked by the last apparitions and is teleported and swapped with Irann.

Both Hardok and Irann attacks misses but Irann decides that she doesn’t want to be nearby so she moves away, Cor jumps in and attacks and again part of the attacks is reflexed back. Therai is doing his stuff, and since there is only one reflections left, it’s severly disrupted. Varnag moves forward and incite Cor to attack again, and that’s the end of the last reflection.

Therai isn’t really able to figure out what just happened, he theorizes that they didn’t
used the “bell” how it was supposed to be used, so the result was a mess that brought
reflections, or images of their past self back to the present. In any case he is convinced that the effect is still active, so he goes downstairs and tries to concentrates on the surroundings.

Therai concentrates on Iurak, trying to think about “being Iurak”…

Therai – Ah! This is how it works, you must think yourself like that…

And he start feeling some sort of response, he has a sense of travel, moving around, Therai
tries to home in, and he feel himself being in the mountains, he can see Iurak, Leoricus
(Iurak’s bodyguard) and a couple of more guards, a small caravan. They are setting up camp
for the night. He can feel the disorientation of Iurak, he is trying to locate the monastery
but is getting baffled by the ‘Circle of Confusion’ and is not doing much progress, he
realizes that they are going in circle but doesn’t understand the reason.

Therai can’t get a fix of when this happened, it could be the past or the future, but he
guess that is the past.

Therai can’t really focus on landmarks because Iurak doesn’t focus on what Therai wants to
focus, but they are making up camp for the night, so Therai can get some sort of relation of
where the place is. Is not that far off, a little outside the Circle but not that far away. Time seems to speed up, night is falling quickly.

And then, Therai’s vision spreads out and the whole group is now “merged” into it, like
anybody is part of the other group.

And then, suddenly, the camp is attacked by Hijkins!

Cor, as Leoricus, moves immediately and attacks one of the Hijkin chanter swinging is aloak
but he only hits one of the warrior. Then is Irann, as one of the Guard, attacking the other

The Hijkins counterattacks, but they miss most of the attacks (except for the unlucky guard). Hardok, as the other guard, attacks the other Chanter and manage to hit him, then he shift around him slipping away from the other Hijkins.

Therai, as Iuraks, calls everyone to run away (run away where? comments Hardok), then he
attempts an area attacks summoning a bunch of illusions against the Hijkins, the effect is
to damage and disorient the Hijkins, one of the warrior is killed by the attack.

The Hijkins wrestler attacks Leoricus wounding him.
Leoricus attacks with his alulak one of the warrios and kills him immediately, then he shifts
into a better position. The first guard shifts out of flanking and calls forth on his strength
to go on.
The Hijkin Chanter releases a static shocks that hit Leoricus and Iuraks, dazing them.
The second Guard attacks the Hijkins and hits the Chanter, twice, and then shift away from
the flanking. Iuraks swings his staff at the Hijkins guard and smashes his skull.
Leoricus calls his second wind to prepare for the attack.

At this point, Cor perception of the events changes, he is no longer just seeing things through Leoricus, but he can also act, and it’s Cor acting, even if he has Leoricus position. Moreover, Cor can see a Cilop approaching, but is not approaching on the camp where Leoricus is, is approaching in the room where the group is! Cor decides to attack the Hijkins and kills him off.

The Cilop however, decides to attack Cor and his psionic gaze damages him.
Irann has also the same vision, and she notices another Cilop approaching, the guard at this
point, that is also wounded, he attacks another Hijkins killing it, then he shifts away from the
other Hijkins, Irann at this point takes over and she tries to attacks the Cilop.

At this point, Varnag, that was not “merged” in the vision, has seen both the Cilops so he
shouts at Cor to attack the Cilop, but he misses. From the point of view of the peoples in the camp, it looks like a Crodlu have joined the fight running around wildly.

The Hijkins seems unable to hit anything, maybe the strange time-vision is affecting them.

Hardok has heard Varnag so he sees also the Cilop, so he unleas his Thunder Ram Assault on the nearest Cilop and the nearby Hijkins Chanter.

The battle continues with crossing between attacking the Cilop and attacking the Hijkins,
until all the Hijkins and Cilops have been vanquished. Incredibly everybody is still alive, even the poor guard that has been badly wounded.

The illusion snaps and everybody is back in the tower, a bit confused about the whole event.

Therai at this point has a clear impression that the event they were just part of happened
last night and where the camp was located and he thinks that if they jump on the Crodlu and hurry up, they could get there quickly enough to find them (or to find traces of where they went).

6100 xp



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